Safe to vape on?

Hey guys just wondering if this is the same as vg that is in the e liquid. Is it safe to vape on ?

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There’s not enough info about it from what I see to draw a conclusion, other than to say err on the side of safety and don’t do it.


Best advice I always give regarding vaping in general… Safety first always. Be certain of your juice ingredients. Be sure of your cells. Be sure of your build. Be 100% sure of, well, everything. You are inhaling this deeply into your lungs, while holding that mod right up to your face. That’s how I look at it anyway.


It says it’s 100% glycerol v/v which I looked up here :point_down: there are no other ingredients in there. What we use is 99.9% glycerol the 0.1% is water.

AFAIK the guy is still alive.

I also found this

Apparently it’s for medical use and since it is taken as medicine for sore throats and stuff I’m assuming it is also food grade.
And I also found another thread about it on our very own ELR :smiley:


It’s absolutely fine to vape and has been used by thousands of mixers over the years!


I’ve used this stuff from boots, it’s perfectly fine.

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Thanks guys s :+1:

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