Safe Way To Color E-Liquid

Is there any safe way to color my E-Liquid? I’ve heard everyone saying to stay away from food coloring, but if you only use 2-3 drops of food coloring, can it really cause an issue?


Why add something that is not needed? Why take a risk for something that doesn’t add to the flavor?

That’s what I would ask myself.


While I totally agree 1000% with @Chrispdx

If you want to be a guinea pig


and a new ingredient to the flavors database… oops… it’s not a flavor!

Maybe I’d be able to say… “It tastes like shit, but it sure looks good!”


If you want to add color to a tank, why not just grab some tinted tubes? The usual popular tanks seem to have a whole slew of color-tinted glass over at Fasttech. If my memory serves, there’s a couple of sites based in the US that also offer custom pyrex glass for whatever tank you’ve got.


@Pro_Vapes I just spit coffee out of my nose !!!

@John231 Not to belabor the opinions above, but probably not a great idea. Lorann flavorings I believe is one of the more notorious “colored” flavor makers out there and I’ve received flavors that were beyond obviously colored and they got tossed. I’ve received a few from DIYFS that were also obviously colored and tossed, while a few were maybes, which I still have. I guess maybe we’re all a bunch-o-hypocrites (or maybe just I am), but to vape up dikatones and the like with nary a concern, perhaps it seems hypocritical to bang on flavors hehe.

As always, it’s up to YOU to decide, and I know at least for myself, and I cannot speak for others, as far as dik’s and/ or other nice, tasty, buttery, creamy chemicals, choosing to use them, at least, is for tasting differences, as opposed to inducing colors which technically (don’t get me started on LA Watermelon), don’t add any taste benefit, would seem an unnecessary risk, or at least a risk, with ??? gains.


IMO, the difference with diketones is that they actually improve your vaping experience. That nice buttery flavor… but coloring? That does absolutely nothing to the vape.

+1 for a colored glass or something if you like colors, but that’s really as far as I would go.


I agree with @SessionDrummer and @anon28032772 there. While diketones and the likes are bad, but it effect the flavor you get from your recipes.
If you want color, @paingawd solution is the best one, i think.
If you do want color in your juice itself, I suggest you get them from inawera that @woftam linked above.
But please, dont use just any food coloring you found. Would it be bad for you? I would have to say yes, especially if you vape 20 - 30 ml of liquid like some people here do.


Thank you @delltrapp. Well @John231 this WOULDN’T be ELR, without a little boom boom …



:rofl: I know “what a dick”