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I bought a couple of LA flavors (bourbon and brandy) and when I put them in my flavor stach and I got a warning about them not being safe to vape. It says that they are not water soluble and contain oil. Are they really unsafe to vape? Or is it more of ‘McDonalds hot coffee’ kind of situation?

If they are unsafe, anyone have recommendations for safe to use whisky and liquor flavors? :tumbler_glass:

Thank you!!

Look on the label and see if there is colouring added if yes then that may be the reason - you can also check if they are water soluble

prob flagged for coloring which may affect u when vaped, this is an old chart but gives u an idea…


Good one mate - i was looking for that

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thk @Ken_O_Where, i mentioned that they removed the original and he gave me the link to the archive


A little to the left fo topic but i watched this the other day and wondered if we could make unsafe flavours safe


FLV Bourbon **
TFA Kentucky Bourbon
FA Vanilla Bourbon
RF Aged Bourbon Cream **

FA Whisky

Just a few I could think of. There are many more.


Thank you. I was in DIY Vapor Supply and they were a total impulse buy, and I really wanna make boozy drinks. :wink:

There’s a bunch… Rums, Champagnes too

Kentucky Bourbon (TPA) and Vanilla Bourbon (FA) are great together. There are also Cognacs and Rums.

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According to the chart below, Brandy looks to be a bit if’y.
Could see:


newer chart, thks

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Kentucky Bourbon (TPA) and Vanilla Bourbon (FA) are great together.

Oak cask whisky ageing often imparts vanilla notes to the Bourbon. Adding additional vanilla flavoring to the vape mix sounds like a fine idea!

To not confuse the OP, I should point out there is no Whisky Bourbon flavor in FA Vanilla Bourbon. The “Bourbon” comes from the name of the island where that particular vanilla is grown. (Now called Reunion Island, it was once ruled by the Bourbon kings of France and is located a tad east of Madagascar)


If you don’t mind splashing out a bit, Medicine Flower Rum is nice , and you can get a pretty strong flavour at less than 1% (therefore much more economical than you’d think from the price tag)
Real Flavours do a nice Sangria flavour, and a flat champagne * chuckle* ( am now trying to give it some fizz with soda flavour) They also do a brandy and bourbon, but I’m not too sure I’d recommend them.
Nature’s Flavors have a pretty wide range of alcoholic beverage flavours. I see you’re in America, so you can buy them much more easily than I can. I’m jealous!

I don’t know if any of these carry any warnings, but they’re all commonly vaped, and certainly don’t contaiin oils (so long as you choosed the NF extracts, not the concentrates) .