Saline solution 9%

I have seen a few recipes that call for 9% saline solution I watched this video on you how to make it on you tube incase anyone is interested in making some.


I’ve been making my own for about a year now. I use 9% Saline in my juice just as I do Kosher Salt in cooking. For me, it is a necessity to finish several recipes.

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I found one in the store that only contains water/sea salt and nothing else under the name of Fridababy. I noticed that all the other saline drops used Benzalkonium Chloride (antiseptic/antimicrobial) and/or Sodium Bicarbonate (for preservative), along with other ingredients to handle PH. I really would like to get into making my own though. Thanks bunches for posting the video for us :blush:.


I just buy these. 1 box will last a lifetime. Cheap, sterile, easy to use. Medical product that is made for inhalation.

Please be safe if making your own. Also only make a tiny bit at a time to prevent as much contamination as possible.


Thank you for this link @Steve-o_54 :+1:

You’re welcome Leilani

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