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Salmiakki-Salty liquorice


Hi, i’m looking for salmiakki a.k.a salty liquorice type of flavor. I try to find it on google but didin’t find anything. Is there some company who making on it? Or is there some recipe maybe how to make it? And no, it’s not like black liquorice :slight_smile:

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I found this on the recipe site but only 1 person used it, looks like a oneshot maybe?

And I found a recipe that the owner is not please with but maybe you can find some inspiration in the comments below the recipe.



I didin’t find that blue corpsa flavor anywhere :open_mouth: In finland is so many flavor manufactures who’s use salmiakki on their products so i wondering where they find that flavor, because basicly no one doesn’t make that flavor :open_mouth:. They maybe have to make salmiakki by themselves.

Edit. Or they just say that they use salmiakki, but it’s something else, like absinte or something

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I found this, it is not blue but black/white though and they are not cheap.
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Oh, i forgot pink-mule. But damn the price is way too high :disappointed_relieved:. It’s “bad” flavour because it’s not so popular flavor in the world. Finns and north europeans love salmiakki and americans hate it :joy:



It’s the only thing we would take with us when going on holiday to Italy and other southern European places because you couldn’t get it anywhere.



LOL, that is such a Dutch habit to take food with you when going on holidays :smiley:
I remember when we used to camp that Dutch people even brought potatoes with them, as if you wouldn’t be able to get them anywhere else hahahaha

That being said, I have no idea whether you’re Dutch or not, it just sounded so typical :wink:

Edit: I just saw your profile, guess I was right :smiley:

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We only took liquorice :grinning:

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@Josephine_van_Rijn Is it hard to get pickled herring through airport security?



I’m pretty sure if you open the pot for them they’ll let you go straight through :grinning:



I love VapeTalo’s The Black



Yeah me to. I just wonder how they make it that salmiakki

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It is not a DIY recipe - but the EN-juice company used to have some premade liqorice juice that at least i really liked. Not very salty, but a little. Not sure if it is the same as the one in the link,… Their selection is a lot less than it used to be, and they may have changed some products…

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