Salts Explained?

Hello All,

I have lately noticed a lot of people taking about the ‘salts’ and was seeing what everyones thoughts were.

Does anyone have any recipes I can check out?

Does the recipes stay similar to traditional e juice recipes? (only substitutions is the salt nicotine variant?)

Or do flavoring brand and percentage drastically change?

Thank you

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Thank You! Looks like I can keep same recipes then :slight_smile:

What are most popular strengths on the salts?


1st let me say that I have never tried nic salts yet but I am going to order some from Nicotine River. At work I vape at 10mg nic at home I vape at 6mg

What nic level are you at now ?
And are you using a Tank or RDA ?


I use 1.8mg right now, but my buddy is stuck on 12mg and asked me about the nic salts, so I wanted to do some research. I was hoping to find some recipes


This is also a good video


It’s all about the device and situation. I think some of the pods have an end result of 50mg. Some people are doing 15-40mg.

Personally I vape 1.5mg on most devices. As of late when I set up a 3mg or 5mg the throat hit is killer. I set these up when I travel or I know I have a situation where my normal setup isn’t appropriate…or can’t carry everything. So at the moment I I have three very simple mixes aging right now at 10mg. It will only be used on my mtl tanks (kfv5 hurricane and the Aries). They will only be used for 3-6 vape puffs and that should be all that I need. But I will find out more next week.


Fresho3 and Brian of TVC recently aired a Fresh from the Kitchen show on Nic Salts.

In general the flavoring ratio need to be slightly raised for use with nic salts.

Nic salts are a two edged sword. They offer a smoother hit that reaches your bloodstream more quiclkly and mimic the bell curve of what a cigarettes effect on you is. A fast high that takes a steep nose dive. Freebase nic enters your system at a slower pace and keeps you running at medium steam for a longer period of time. (I might not be getting all of this perfectly out their for you but I think this is the jist).

The big problem with nic salts, which is the primary reason I moved from a closed pod system to a tank ona mod, is that after about 10 months, while I was not longer even thinking of returning to cigarettes, I saw my nic salt intake rise significantly. If I started of averaging 32-40 pods a month, I had become so addicted to them that I needed 48 or more and it was only moving in one direction. When I made the leap to freebase, I was able to start at 6mg and not feel cheated in any way. At this point, I could truly stop, but I enjoy it and don;'t see a reason to deprive myself.

Nic Salts today are in my opinion, ideal for the person just transitioning who are accustomed to having a certain sensation from the nicotine level they are at. This is where the NRT step down approach used for nic patches makes sense. A person should be working to move form a 45-50 Nic Salt level to a 25. Just as old school vapers would start at 12-18 nic and work their way toward 6 or 3. I believe nic salts are usual for me today only in those situational moments where a large vape device would be inappropriate for the context of the setting. (dare I say, stealth on a plane)… I think I have heard that the nic salt arena is changing as well. they are not all 50 mg, many are being made at 25 and we might see the day when nic salts are offered as low as 12 or 8… they do offer a smoother throat hit. But even at 12 mg I would take a guess, you would be reaching for your gear more frequently that if you where using freebase nic.

SUCK MY MOD also covered this topic just this month. Take a peak at those two youtube playlists and I’m sure you will find them. Neither is the authoritarian expert discourse which we might truly benefit from being able to watch or read.

Good question.


Thank you for response!

My DIY recipes I use Flavors flavors and usually only 3% flavoring and 97% VG (and sometimes nicotine)

What do you think I shoulder raise flavoring percentages too with Salts?

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Nic salts should be used at exactly the same strength as freebase Nic, just because you can add more without a throat hit doesn’t mean you have to add more. As far as flavours are concerned if you are using 3% flavouring with freebase and you are happy with the taste you can use 3% flavouring with nic salts as well.


The one main issue I have with nic salts is that they offer a sharper nic spike in the bloodstream and as suggested in vaping 360 article they are likely more addictive than freebase nic (which is what I experienced over the course of a year). The thinking is that you vape less often with nic salts because your nic craving is met more quickly. But as you get accustomed to that intense feel, you want it more.

If you are going to DIY with Nic Salts [and I do for a friend who is transitioning right now] remember they are meant to be used in low wattage/pod type devices- basically for MTL usage exclusively. They are not for sub-ohm high wattage use… unfortunately a web search will not offer you very much on the actual science about them for there is not enough long term data available.

overview from vaping 360

general thoughts on nic from SUCK MY MOD

Fresh from the Kitchen Nic DIY Salts episode.

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This is simply not true. Where does this come from?


You can sub ohm nic salts but it is not recommended by anyone I can find.

The efficacy of NicSalts in more highly concentrated e-liquids allows design of hardware with a smaller e-liquid reservoir, lower battery power, and potentially lower cost of the e-liquid itself.

“The savings are definitely there”, says Thompson. “A lower ratio of nicotine salts to e-liquid and flavors means less vapor needed to deliver the nicotine. Is this what consumers are looking for? Do NicSalts e-liquids in just any old hardware pose a risk? The technology tells me yes if an unsuited vape device is delivering 50 mg of nicotine per ml of NicSalts e-liquid.”

Nicotine salt is a specific formulation of nicotine used in low wattage devices. Nicotine salts offer high nicotine strength such as 35 to 50 mg nicotine strengths to provide smokers a more realistic feel of smoking a cigarette. Salt based nicotine are made to have a smoother throat hit to make vaping 50 mg nicotine palatable. Because nicotine salts are offered in high nicotine strengths, nic salts are designed for low wattage devices.

read pros and cons here


Here is the label of NAKED100’s salt line.

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Has it occured to you that may be because of the nicotine level not due to the fact that is it nic salts.

Nic salts as i said previously

Saying it is just for MTL is absolutely wrong. Nic salts can be used at any concentration exactly the same as freebase nicotine. We are mixing our own juice so we control the Nic level.

I think you need to separate fact from opinion


I think you’re not understanding what’s being said.

No one in their right mind is sub ohming 35-50mg nic. For that matter, no normal MTL user is using above 36mg nic.

“to provide smokers a more realistic feel of smoking a cigarette” is ambiguous at best, because it’s not saying whether they’re looking for the throat hit or the “head rush” or what?

“to make vaping 50 mg nicotine palatable”
Again, until salts came out, no one I knew of, or read about used above 36mg,and that was only in extreme cases. 2 pack a day and up MTL users are almost always recommended to start with 18-24mg!

“Because nicotine salts are offered in high nicotine strengths, nic salts are designed for low wattage devices”
BULLSHIT. They can be cut down the same way that we cut down 100mg nic to 3mg.

Just because some idiot with a blog made a quantum leap in assumptions, doesn’t mean it’s correct.


Thanks for Pic, Do they use 50mg?

Here is the info on Nicotine and Nic Salts as reported by the national Academies. Start on page 71. Won’t answer your questions, but will give you a better understanding of the subject.


I use nic salts for my stealth pod system and I use regular nic for juice in my squonkers. The pods use a 50mg mix that I only typically use for stealth vaping and quick nic fixes.


I agree with everyone here. I have just began experimentation with nic salts…
My initial observations are:

  1. my juice is not oxidizing the same with salts as it did with regular nic
  2. My high nic pod juice (27mg) gives good nic effects but the flavor seems slightly diminished through my low power devices.
  3. It is difficult for me to go back to MTL vaping, but I plan to keep practicing.