Salvage my 210 ml of 60\40. Disaster

thanks alot @BoDarc . everyone is so helpful here. im just learning on how to work the full site. it takes me a little while but ill get there. how do i create a flavor stash @BoDarc??

Ozo gave a good rundown here.


Im all over it thanks big benny!! thanks. i love this flavor stash feature!!! it ROCKS!

Glad you’re enjoying it. Also, from the main recipe site there is a Resources dropdown. On it you will find the Guide. It’s a basic users guide for the recipe site. Some good basic info to get you started.

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oh ok. oh the flavor stash feature is not as smooth as i thought it would be . i put in glazed doughnuts and bananas forster . then i tried peaches n cream and bavarian cream … but no corresponding recipes. mmm is it me or theses are not flavors within the directory recipe database?

@Wallstreet, I warned ya mate :wink: For “Glazed Doughnuts” just type “doughnuts” the menu that pops up will have every doughnut and a number next to it that shows how many recipes it is in. Obviously don’t pick Chocolate doughnut … you should be able to find your Glazed variety.

This is how it works. When someone creates a recipe and lists a flavor it becomes one of those line items that pops you you enter your in your Flavor Stash. SO it gets crazy. Misspellings etc become items in that menu. Try typing donuts. The FlavorBase is a culmination of all our success and all our fails …such is Life …and SQL.

Better example; you could actually list your precise Grape with brand name while in the “Create Recipe” tool and the next person who was doing exactly what you are learning now would actually get a result …it would just have a “1” next to it …You!

You could make “Notes” about your Grape brand …like “tastes like grape jelly” or “Strong! Use at < 1%” …whatever you discover you can contribute and “Vape it forward” as they say on ELR. That’s how all this came to be!

[chuckling] It’s a database though so spelling is important …search for banana foster Oh look 44 flavors Wait? …search for “Bananas Foster” (added an “s”) huh only 24 flavors? These can work for you and against you …like “donut”.

Add several "Grape"s just so you can get them to auto-pop results in “What Can I make” Search for Grape and Grapes. Look to the right and see how many recipes are using them. By reading those recipes you can learn what other people have paired with grape, so next click the individual Grape flavor in the recipe to read more about that brand of Grape under its “Notes”. Someone might state “I’ve tried all the Grapes and this is the best one hands down!” you might want to put that on your next order!

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thanks your royal highness @Amy2. overnigiht i thinned it down with some kewlies (arctic tobacco) and it is really tasteless still… so yeah im gonna do your crazy method. im sorry i didnt get around to our other experiment. but i promise you feedback on this… this should be a shake and bake yeah???ooops i mean a shake and vape lol. my bad!!!

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Hope it works for ya !

@Amy2 crikey!!! because i added menthol to it last night it tastes EEEWWWWWW! :blush: its all a learning process! mint and cream not really for the pallet unless dont right ofcourse. never make that mistake again. sorry i couldnt respond with yay, brilliant fabulous so excited!!

Oh No ! Just curious does a menthol grape sound good to you ?

I don’t believe that was my suggestion. I said maybe you could use your peaches & cream with some SB ,BB extra and some Bavarian cream to make a fruity cream mix…that’s where I woulda headed with it.

Now I do have a recipe that is a grapeberry ice cream…hmm I wonder if you could rescue it one more time…Got no idea what yor percentages are in whatever your batch size is but here’s a grape berry recipe I like of mine.

grapeberry ice cream

Ingredient %
Blue Ice (FW) 2
Blueberry (FW) 1.26
Grape (FW) 4
Grape Juice (TPA) 4
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (FW) 2.76

Flavor total: 14.01%

Remember to rate it at!

You could use BB extra in place of the two other BB’s in the mix.

im onto it!

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