Same batch different shades on color

So I made a 1 gallon batch recipe in 3. and as I’m filling bottles I’m noticing color change from one bottle to the next. I used a sealed 1 gallon pale and a paint shaker to mix. and I filled all the bottles as soon as I broke the seal of the pale. what can be the issue?

I would suggest you pour all your bottles back in and mix it for longer - the difference in colour can be more flavouring in one bottle than the next - if this is the case then your bottles may also have different nic levels (if you added nic) which could be dangerous.


Same thoughts here, your fluids haven’t mixed properly and you’ve got hotspots.
Have you shaken your mix throughout the steep or just had it sit and have ingredients separate and sink / float?
I’d mix it all up properly again so you can visually see you’ve got a homogeneous liquid, have it steep for at least a couple days, shaking it properly every day and test daily to see if the flavor is where it should be.

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I made the batch, I shook it in a paint shaker for a few mins and then let it sit for 2 days. Your saying there should be more shaking involved?

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Yes. You should shake just prior to dispensing at that size.


Time is not important the mix should be consistent you should mix it until it is - it is a big batch - I mix a 100ml batch for generally more than an hour on a mag mixer - having never used a paint shaker before i imagine it is pretty good but from the sounds of it it needs more.


And Chrispdx is on the money as well

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I mix my favs in 120ml -> 240ml brown glass but pour off into clear 30ml HDPE unicorn bottles for vaping. The juice stored in 30ml clear plastic bottles brown (over a short time!) much more than the older original juice stored in brown glass. I notice this every time I refill the 30ml with the same juice. Light and maybe even some porosity (oxygen?) in the plastic obviously (IMHO) contribute to color change.

Shake everything always! Right before you mix, shake, right before you fill a tank, shake. Shake your concentrates, shake your juice, shake your paint shaker. Just don’t shake your beer.


Okay, I have a similar question if any of you guys can help me out with it. I made two 50 ml batches of the exact same recipe about 5 minutes apart from each other, bottled them the same exact, way and they’ve been sitting and steeping for a week now side by side in a cool dark place. Since day one they’ve been two different colors one is a extremely dark caramel color and the other one is still a light yellow almost greenish color I’m trying to figure out why such a drastic change when everything was done exactly the same and in the same controlled environment?

Did you shake?

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Yes I did very thoroughly

I did everything exactly the same way. . Right down to shaking. Every time I shake one I’ve been shaking the other @woftam

This is easy Detective work. It was the bottles (the only thing different). Slight residues in bottles like hard water spots from washing or a tiny amount of soap left inside. Different color …different chemical reaction.

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It could be as @BoDarc says or it could be you forgot to add a flavour or added a flavour 2x - i would make a 3rd batch and see what the colour should be


I was thinking along the lines of @woftam and missing a flavor. Have you tried tasting the 2 mixes yet and see if there was/is a taste difference?

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While mixing, any distraction is your enemy! Phone calls… reading forums :wink: nosey spouses, even a potty break can wipe your short-term memory. Make a process where as you add a flav it gets moved physically to the “I already added this” group.

Be aware of the “Doorway Effect”! It’s real …basically just walking through a doorway resets your awareness. One word of advice… Focus Focus Focus :sunglasses: