Same flavor tastes different from different vendors

I wanted to see if anyone else has found this to be true:

I created a Banana Pudding recipe many months ago, and it was good. But, when I ran out of Creme Brulee VG RF, sold as Northwest Flavors from ECX, I replaced it with Creme Brulee VG RF from diyvaporsupply. I made a new bottle from the same recipe, but with the replacement ingredient from the different vendor. It was wayyyy off! Noting that this was the only difference, and it’s a main ingredient, I went back to the Northwest flavor from ECX, and it is good again.

I figure the two are different ages and are stored and re-bottled with different methods, so it makes sense.

If anyone is looking for this flavor, I definitely recommend the ECX version. It’s more pudding/ custard authentic. It is also far better, IMO, than its RFSC equivalent. (Edit: I might be to blame for the RFSC failure, as I didn’t thoroughly test a wide spectrum of %s, just one sft. RF has assured me that it is the same combination of flavor components but in a different base, which would require a different method to mix. )

Anyone notice this with other flavors?


Never had that ocurr, but now I’m wondering suddenly about a couple of flavors from differing vendors myself. I’m going to have to do some more testing.


I’d the same happen with a specific flavor and vendors. Got a 10ml too see if I like it, loved it, ordered somewhere else and got diff. tasting product. Tried 3 other vendors still diff. too the first bottle. So I’m assuming that brand once again changed the flavor without notice. Now I purchased a complete other brand to find a replacement for that former brand lol


Sounds like INW. That is a bad situation. I’m glad I never tried them. It’s a little different than what I’m talking about, but it fits close enough. As far as I know, the RF are supposed to be identicle, no reformulation.


RF has made (and admitted to) “adjustments” when changing from many VG based flavors over to the SC versions.

That aside, and Inawera’s reformulations aside, yes, I’ve noticed variances within what’s supposed to be the same product (same brand) from vendor to vendor.

The most recent was Shisha Strawberry. The one I recently ordered from NR was good, but not as potent as the one I got from Wizard Labs. (Another of the reasons I track where I buy what, and when, in my flavor notes.) It wasn’t enough to consider it watered down, unless ever so slightly. But it could point to not being properly dispersed (wasn’t shaken properly first, etc).

I also had a problem with several of the Ina flavors I ordered from VapersTek last year.
In that case I can’t say whether the problem was being reformulated, or being watered down, but I definitely made note of “the issue”, so that I could be aware of it. Can’t know for sure until I have enough evidence to support it being a trend, or a “glitch”.

Regardless, I’ve seen it questioned before (potency between vendors), but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get the “source of the inquiry” to part with details on their experience (even in PM).

So, like yourself, I can only guess, and remain aware as I’m restocking. Unfortunately, I’m most instances, I don’t usually (or frequently anyways) have leftovers enough to compare against. And even then, you have to consider natural aging of the stock on our own shelves (which I expect for most, would be longer than it sits on the shelf at most major vendors.)

Not an easy task for the average DIY’er.
And I think most “retail mixers” would be hesitant to address it publicly for fear of having it affect their account standing with whatever given vendor was involved. =(


I tend to lean towards some of the companies not shaking there products. Or that there products have actually expired or are close to expiration.


Never did a side-by-side comparison.

But 1 rebottled flavor. Could be me but…

Ace Pazzo (FA) never even came close to what everyone else had in their flavor notes even tested at all different %'s.

Mine seemed more like a tobacco type or taro than a tropical blend of fruits. :crazy_face:


To be fair tho to rebottlers… My Delosi Vanilla Yogurt straight from their factory. Tasted like Caramel Espresso Coffee (Even the replacement they sent). So I have to retest it lower like at the 0.5-1.5% range. Hopefully that works, since Ive never had 1 of their flavors not deliver the flavor labeled. But I always mix them from 3-7%.


I will second that… I ordered 3 specific highly rated flavors recommended from a lot of dif sources… from ECX. All rebottled and they are as good as the sources/reviews said they were.


For me i’ve always been a bit suspicious of re bottling and some sources for flavouring. In my view what’s to stop a re bottler from adding more PG or from a supplier tweeking their product a bit for the re bottling market.

It makes good business sense as far as you can get away with it in my opinion.