Same mix but different taste

On the weekend I have made a mix which I called Bondi Beach Breaky, with the first test mix being 30ml.
After making the mix I let it stand with the top off for 3 hours and then vaped it, in which I was really happy with. Actually very happy.
The following morning I made the exact same mix, accept the size of the bottle which went up to 60ml.
The only thing differently done was that I let the 60ml breathe for 16hrs, but the taste is no where as full as the 30ml mix. It tastes as though there may have been some kind of evaporation throughout the longer breathing period’s.
Would this be the possible cause ?

Bondi Beach Breaky :

2.00% Bavarian Cream (TPA)
3.00% Cappuccino Coffee (Purilum)
3.00% Glazed Doughnut (CAP)
2.00% Sweet Cream (TPA)


Could be… depending on the flavors… most flavors don’t need a breathing period, unless they’re in an alcohol based solution… what are the flavors & percentages? I’m sure someone could help…


Just out of curiosity, why are you letting mixes breathe? IMO that would definitely be my number one choice for why it is different in flavour.


@St3v0 thanks mate and I have just added the flavours and percent’s to the post.


Like @Ianc13 said… what is the purpose of letting this breathe?


@St3v0 @Ianc13 sorry fellas I should of gave my reason. It was something that I had read somewhere of the past few weeks to do while my partner and I have been learning about the DIY art of making juices. Obviously, this information was incorrect.


Right u are… breathing isn’t the same as steeping… DIY takes time… this isn’t a shake n vape recipe… the flavors need time to play with each other… if u want something quick, go with some fruits… read up on this forum, there is a lot of good info. on bere, all u gotta do is read.


& try to make sure what u are going off of has been talked about a bit… if tht makes sense😉


Yeah, I don’t “breathe” any mixes I do, even ones that have alcohol based concentrates. Steeping will take care of the alcohol and none of the ingredients you have used need to have the top off.

Breathing liquids was quite a popular misconception a while back, especially with the alcohol based or stronger flavours. Totally unnecessary and usually resulted in muted juice. Some suppliers still say to let breathe even now… had one suggest that to me a few weeks back (I ignored the suggestion).

Also, the amount of time you left the 60ml bottle (16 hours) open would have had a lot more impact on the flavour than the 30ml (3 hours).


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Happy mixing!


Unfortunately mis-information thrives in the DIY e-liquid world. It’s comparable to the Tucker Carlson/Fox News crappola.


DO NOT BREATHE YOUR LIQUIDS lol…Molecules from the flsvor compounds escape …30ml steeps a little fsster than 60 ml…Just dont breathe yiur mixes


I concur with others about the fallacy of breathing.

@fidalgo_vapes is right about the difference in steeping time: increasing the surface area is one way to speed up steeps.

If you’ve excluded everything else then other factors can influence perception: what you vaped or ate preceding it, mood and medication can all influence taste. I’m currently working on bitter blends and I know that if I try a bakery one right now, it’ll definitely taste like shit.


Very true…I vape Honeydew blend then a Lemon mix after and the lemon liqyid taste like shit until the 3rd pull off of vape…


@fidalgo_vapes @Ianc13 @Sprkslfly @SquirrelSmash @TorturedZen @St3v0 I just want to say thankyou to all you guys for helping me with my question.


More than welcome mate…, hope u got it figured out


Some recipes are known to lose flavor a certain time into the steep only to have them come back in full or better after even more steep time. i.e. starts out good, mutes later, gets good or great again later yet.


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@JiM210 thanks for the reply mate and yes we have been told that and checking back today we have noticed that the scent has come back a bit particularly on the one the question was about.