Same recipe with different color

Okay, I have a question if any of you guys can help me out with it. I made two 50 ml batches of the exact same recipe about 5 minutes apart from each other, bottled them the same exact, way and they’ve been sitting and steeping for a week now side by side in a cool dark place. Since day one they’ve been two different colors one is a extremely dark caramel color and the other one is still a light yellow almost greenish color I’m trying to figure out why such a drastic change when everything was done exactly the same and in the same controlled environment?

Why the new thread?

Not sure what happened actually

@jojo @Ken_O_Where could probably close

The only thing that springs to mind is that you didn’t shake your flavours and/or nicotine properly so one bottle is more concentrated than the other.

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Does this still need to be closed? Sorry, ive been on vacation for a week and some change.

Hey Moo - there were 2 threads exactly the same and the same post in an older thread not sure if they are all still around or not

think it has been sorted here so ya you could close it if you want

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