Sanyo/Panasonic UR18650NSX 2600mAh good Samsung 25R5 Substitute?

So I tried to order me some Samsung 25r but Illumn was out of stock, of course. After a quick browse I found these Sanyo 2600mAh and looked around Google and everything I see says it is a good battery and very close performance to the 25r. Anyone have some first hand experience with this Sanyo, that could let me know how they are for sure?

You are Good, This is a recommended 18650 battery from our friend Battery Mooch :+1:
Here is a link form the Manufacturers website, They rate the cell at 20A continuous, Mooch tested them at 22A continuous discharge.


The Panasonic-Sanyo UR18650-NSX is a relatively new cell with improved chemistry that allows a typical capacity of 2600mAh, and an amp discharge rating of 20A. … We can consider the NSX battery a slight improvement above the Samsung 25R5 and LG HE2/HE4

As well as improved performance, the NSX offers more sophisticated anti-counterfeiting than we have seen on any 18650 battery. Included are:

ID markings on the negative terminal. These are created using a precision-machine that no Chinese counterfeiters have access to.
QR Code, and special ink markings directly on the steel tube.



Thanks guys.

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Just a little follow up… These batteries work great, I get a full day out of my rx200 with them running 60watt on a .26ohm setup.