Sasami Concentrates

Haha well savoury just doesnt seem to work in vapes at all, I remember tryign a bacon before and that was pretty vile as well.


Yes, did another order with Nomnomz. Was a shame as I was though ordering ones nomnomz dont hold…chocolate, red cox apple, baked apple were a few of them.

Just recieved a few though and Im thinking I should have tried more of there fruits before as liked all ones have had before. The smell of the orange liqueur especially is lovely but all of the fruits apricot, rhubarb and Loganberry smell good.

Im maybe not the best to give reviews on them here though as I barely ever single flavour test (I know what i want to use concentrates for recipie wise so want to see how it works in them straight away) and dont seem to have really great tastebuds when I read some other reviews and wonder what they are tasting.

Have mixed a few recipies up though so will give my opinions on here as I try them in a few days


Well first one of new:

Loganberry - On Nomnomz this is advertised as a blue raspberry flavour which for me it certainly isnt. Have never to my knowledge tasted a loganberry but googling it, it is descrived as a hybrid between a blackberry and raspberry and that is just what this is. Really really nice too. It is very juicy and closer to a blackberry than raspberry to me and also it seems to have a juicyness to it like inawera cactus does. Only actual blackberry flavour I have tried was flavour arts and that was just way too deep an dstrong for me. Tried this in a blue raz recipie which was really nice, but not blue raz. I can see this working vey well in pie/crumble recipies. Another excellent fruit from Sasami


Maple Syrup - Havent got much to compare it to as only tried Flavour Arts version which I found dominated recipies too much. I would say this is decent. It is very sweet and maple is also there but where as FA is too strong for my liking this is maybe a little weak and flat. Works though as you can taste it in a recipie without it dominating but not one I would say go rush out and buy


Orange Liqueur - this one smells amazing, so amazing I hope it isnt one of those you cant get rid of the smell and taste on used contraption long after finishing…Anyway, I have not really liked orange flavouring in the past. Blood orange, orange and mandarin I have tried from FA (comparing so many to flavour art sounds like I dont like fa, I love them, but it appears the good Sasami ones are ones I dont like of FA). Inawera Shisha Orange I have also tried. Only one of those I liked really was FA Mandarin. Sasamis offering I dont really get liqueur from, it smells to me like the orange in terrys chocolate orange and tastes fairly similar. It is a sweet, fake and sticky orange flavour and I can see this being used in lots of types or receipies candy, drinks,ice creams being the main ones


I had to google what these were, but reckon this is a fairly good description of what I got when I mixed Orange Liqueur with chocolate and marmalade.
Wouldn’t say much liqueur came through either. But overall I really liked this one.

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Funnily enough after vaping on it a bit more, where it is a sticky orange I also thought it would probably go well with OOO strawberry jam and SA Breakfast for a marmalade on toast

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Apple Granny Smith - Found this one a little disappointing. I havent tried a huge amount of apple flavours as for me FA Fuji apple is wonderful, one of the first concentrates I tried and still one of my favourite concentrates and Sasami doesnt change that. This is a decent apple, it reminds me a little bit of Inawera Two Apples but less sharp and a bit more dense so if you like that one you may love this. Is definately one of the better apples of the ones I have tried, but the taste didnt quite match the smell


Rhubarb - Inw Rhubarb I think is good but oh god just too strong and too sour, VTA Rhubarb compote seems popular, thought it was ok but nothing special and CCW/Chefs Rhubarb I tried years ago and thought it was good but way too weak. I did buy an eliquid years ago that was a really nice rhubarb and never had a concentrate as good (do wonder what they used). As for this one, it isnt bad at all. It has the sour, stewed dry part of Inaweras but thankfully on a much lower scale and also has the sweetness of the VTA compote version, so sounds great…it lacks anything particular exciting for me on the actual fruit taste of the rhubarb though which is just meh its ok

Strawberry - I have tried so many different strawberries and combinations with little success. FA and Inawera Shisha I think are both good BUT get greenery/metalic from them which ruins it. FA Juicy Strawberry and OSDIY Succulent Strawberry to me were meh, tpa strawberry ripe was meh, cap sweet strawberry was oh not bad…1 day later…its gone from the vape. JF STrawberry Sweet, not bad but cant taste it strongly at any percentage. RF Strawberry not bad, strawberry milkshake very good…they seem to have changed it though from last bottle I bought.

Basically I have seen so many threads or new strawberries com eout over the years with lots of “this is the strawberry you should get, if you cant taste strawberries you will this one” (OSDIY being the biggest culprit…I think its rubbish personally)…so I feel awkward doing this but …I TASTE STRAWBERRY :slight_smile: It isnt super sweet or juicy, but tasting strawberry is an achievement for me and unlike FA/Inawera no metallic/green flavours.

So basically, if you struggle to taste strawberries like me, I am not guaranteeing you will or that this is perfect, but well may well be worth giving this one a try as I will certainly be using this one a lot


Apricot - Excellent, tastes like tinned apricots. I used it in my first recipie with a lot of cream @ 1% and it was prominent. I like heavy flavouring but the recipie I mad, I would even drop down 25% on the recipie:

Also the sasami whipped cream may also be a real winner. Hard to review it as its in a recipie with other creams, but I really get a full vanilla whipped cream with this cream combination unlike before so the sasami must be playing a big role in that


Didn’t know that! Thank you

BTW Nomnomz UK carries the full range:


Doesnt carry all the range sadly but a very good selection


sasami vapemeister (väpermeister)

50/50 @ 4%, 3%Nic with Wasp Nano RDA w/mech. mod
fresh nartural herbal floral note
not sweet
long lasting taste even after exhaling
intensity on spot, not too loud
soloubs herb de druids is luke warm laundry water compared to this stuff
something different worth to try
might cure vapers tongue
no ADV but a welcome diversion

Trying after one day steep only b/c my info is its fading out with time. I will test this.


Few more:

Pistachio - Have tried FA Pistachio which I didnt think much of and TPA which is very nice but bot pistachio to me. This is by far the most accurate and also the best tasting for me. If it had salt it would be very close indeed. Very good, also reminds me, have before used…

Hazlenut - Do remember liking this more than FA version, a lot more and used bottle up fairly quickly. Dont make many nutty vapes though so never rebought it. If you like hazlenuts you will probably love this one

Caramel - only tried this so far in one recipie. Interesting, it taste of caramel a lot more than other flavourings I have tried. but a sweet caramel it isnt, its really dark and buttery, almost like a syrup. Looking forward to trying this on others, have made up an RY4. Think I will end up loving or hating this one.

Cherry Delight - It ok, is a bit cherry menthol floral candy flavouring like others I have used. Would probably work really well in a Red Astaire type recipie, but not really a flavouring I see myself using much at all

Cranberry Crush - Not one of there better fruit flavours for me. Does taste like cranberries but very dry and bland. Think this could work well but need a lot of help and sweeter flavours with it. Only used it once so far and goes ok with apple, but I dont see many recipies I can use it in

Peanut Butter - Have tried flv which just tastes like ap to me and also tried tpa which is nothing special. This Sasami one gets the butter spread part of the flavour really well to me…dont get any peanut from it all all though. think a skilled mixer could probably make a really good peanut butter flavour using this, on its own though liek all the other peanut butters its nothing special

Sangria - Is fruity and quite nice. Isnt Sangria though, tastes more like a hard boiled fruity sweet to me

Smurf Ice Cream - Dont like the fact it is blue coloured liquid, thankfully so light it doesnt come through much blue in a recipie. Its a really interesting flavour, fairly creamy…but it has a slightly chemical taste to me. Think some will really like this, I got a bit sick of it quite quickly though


You think right, i am one of these which like smurf ice cream. I think the slight chemical taste may be wanted by them, since the real ice cream (which is really called smurf ice here in germany) gains it’s blue color either from a chemical or from blue curacao, which they might have tried to replicate, or they want to simulate something like bubblegum, which is sometimes a flavorpart of the real ice cream.


Yeah I did get a bubblegum type vibe from it, think its a marmite one, wasnt too keen on it myself. I did like it but got sick of it quite quickly

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Sasami Vanilla Cream -

Now this is definately a winner. Always loved there vanilla custard, but this flavouring gives it all it misses and they make a gret combination from first recipie have tried.

This flavour reminds me a lot of ambrosia custard from a carton in the fridge @ 3%, just bright creamy simple vanilla. WIll definately be trying to make a few more custard recipies again now and this will be in them, a hidden gem for me this one and not seen it being used at all, I sure will be


Shhhh… Don’t say that too loud around here or the FLV gremlin will get ya