Sasami Concentrates

Been looking for reviews or any further info on this brand, Sasami but there doesn’t seem to be much info out there?
Pretty sure they are a German company and Chefs in the UK carry some of their flavours.
Anyone have any info on them?

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I have tried a fair few and for me very hit and miss. Ones I have tried:

Pharoah - Dark berries, personally found it very bland and boring

Rip tide - Fruits with mild menthol kick - Ordered 1ml sample in error so didnt get to mix much from it, but I would say meh…it is ok

Blueberry Muffin - Very disappointed with this as heard a few good reviews but no, just like flavorahs effort this falls well short of a blueberry muffin…will anybody ever make a concentrate or recipe that actually tastes like one?

Waffle Dough - Not bad, better than TFA/Capella ones for me, smells like Inawera waffle but Inaweras and also Liquid Barns waffles are still much better

Blue Alien - Fruits and menthol…this is basicallt Vampire Vapes Heisenberg…literally. Not my cup of tea at all but a lot of people will love it.

Red Lips - Grape and Strawberry. I quite like this one, much more on the grape side but it is fruity and juicy, not a top flavour but definately worth a try

Crumble Cake - Really like this, perfect cocnentrate for adding to apple pie/crumble recipes and am even trying it in a custard cream recipe. Has the crumble feel and a very mild cakeyness to it, impressed with this

Bee Sting Pie - Like this one a lot. Only tried FA Honey which tho realistic is just too sweet and cloying generally for me, this is the opposite, sharp and distinctive, dont get much of a pie or cake from it, but if you want to try a different honey I would highly recommend giving this a try


Some great info there!
The crumble is out of stock at Chefs but it is one I will get as I have been working on a apple crumble for a few months now and it is almost there? So this could add another dimension to recreate the rich crumble feel.
Got the red lips in my basket and had to order from 123 in Germany for the blue alien.
We will see where that takes me?

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It is ALWAYS out of stock on chefs haha, that was what prompted me to order from 123 myself :wink: Hope it works for you, I used it in a rhubarb crumble recipe that I quite liked:

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Cant seem to find “123” in Germany can you please share a link? Thank you

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I found it Problem though cannot read german and my phone is not automatically translating. Had this problem on Inewera sites too. Anyone know how to translate it too English? PhoneApp(andriod)?

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At the top of their page there is a small German flag. Click on this for a drop down menu and select English.


Am occasionally seeing Sasami in some more mixes now and by Americans which is good to see. I believe they are very hard to get hold of.

But a little update as I have tried a fair few Sasami concentrates now and some of the ones I have already mentioned are now staples for me, so:

Bee Sting Pie - Still really like this. I dont get much pie, almond or anything else in a ral bee sting pie. But I do like the dry honey taste, almost like honey been spread on toast and soaked in without any butter

Blueberry Muffin - Didnt think much of this one at all. Feint blueberry and little muffin. Then again I think Flv blueberry muffin is awful and that seems quite popular

Butter Cake - Nothing special. Is a poorer version of crumble cake, surprisingly lighter and butter is barely there. Wouldnt buy again but not awful

Cookie - I only like FA cookie so probably not best to comment, but it was poor to my tastebuds

Crumble Cake - I use this one a lot, think its a great cocnentrate. Used higher it is somewhere between yellow cake and pound cake and quite dense. Used low it works very well with fa apple pie or cookie for a crumble topping

Fruit Loops - Didnt get much out of this one at all

Gooseberry - Another very good one fruity and sharp gooseberry and stands out in recipies. If you liked Inw Rhubarb but find it too sharp, you would probably love this

Effervescence/Sherbert - Have tried all of them raspberry (the best one) lemon and orange. All good, more a powder sherbert than fizzy one like VTA for example

Peach RIngs - Not bad but flv peach gummy is much better

Physalis - I have only used this once, was a very odd fruit flavour and never really had anything I wanted to mix it in, should try it again I think

Raspberry Splash - Another good one. My favourites are FA and Solub Arome Raspberry. This is more of a fake raspberry flavour like you get in soft drinks but it is good and pretty strong too.

Rice Pudding - Sure I bought this to try and make rice pudding and gave up after a coupe of mixes. From memory it was just a weird and not particularly pleasant but weak cream and not that creamy

Stratiacella Ice Cream - Meant to be a gelato with chocolate shavings in. I didnt get any chocolate really and it wasnt really ice cream or creamy, but it was an interesting flavour but nothing special

Vanilla Custard - For me this is a hidden gem and probably my favourite custard. I do like Cap custard but hate the steep and find it gets sickl after a while. Inawera is a decent custard flavour but not custard. MB Legendary custard so far I have had little luck with. Flv custard I found awful andn I am starting to use FA Custard Premium again which I like but it isnt really the custard flavour I am used to out of a carton. Sasami version actually looks and smells a little like Cap custard but that is where the similarity ends. There are no off notes or eggyness to it for me, it is a simple bright vanilla and a nice creamyness to it. If you are after complex custards it isnt for you, its simple vanilla cream custard, the closest to an ambrosia for me though it needs help. The gret thing about it, is it seems to mix very well with any creams (I love wf tahitian vanilla cream with it) and also mizes well in recipies, it isnt intrusive, it doesnt clash, and it is still there. Would love to know others views on this one ut nobody seems to use it.

Mr Donut - I dont think much of WF Glazed Donut which seems very popular. I didnt think much of this on either, but its probably similar to that but a bit more sweeter as more glazed so people may love it

Waffledough - Another excellent one. Probably the closest concentrate to Inawera Waffle. But it really isnt to me dough and it also isnt a waffle. It smells and tastes to me exactly like an ice cream wafer. It is so accurate in fact that it vapes really really dry and biscuity so it is on eto use sparingly in a recipie

Chefs sadly are barely stocking Sasami in the UK now, however Nom nomz now stock a good range of them where you can find most of the above and many more. I have just ordered a few more which I am looking forward to trying soon:

Maple Syrup
Orange Liqueur
Peanut Butter
Whipped Cream


4 years later, lol. First time for me. Great post though, thanks. I’ll be searching some of these out the next time I order from Chefs. Not sure if you’re saving me money, or costing me.



Sasami is now @

123 rest in peace


Looking forward to hear about this one. @zippy mentioned it couple of times as THE best apricot on the market.


I’ll be keeping an eye on this one. Thanks for the heads up.


This is true in my experience as well, but she can be a bitch if pushed too hard.
Works very well paired with MB Apricot.


Yes I decided to try it after seeing a recipie with it in and the person raving about it who I have seen using a couple of Saasami concentrates, tamvapes i think was the name


Was wondering what had happened to the site as used to order from the old one occasionally for rarer concentrates, have to have a look now, what have you done haha


Yes I think the woman using it said the same thing. Only thing concerns me as I like strong flavourings and hardly any actual flavours that are used 1% or under that work for me.


Having had a quick look, how did I forget another one I tried:

Bratwurst - Really just dont do it.Really really strong does kind of taste a bit like a bratwurst but really really rubbery. This is the closest I have ever come to vomiting from a vape. I would probably rather very crude things be done to me with a real bratwurst than vape this ever ever again.

And another one:

Blue Alien - The first ejuice I really liked in the days of a 4w pen was Vampire Vapes Heisenberg which was a blue coloured eliquid. Though it was a few years in between…this is very close to it, is even blue liquid too. So close to me I think it may well be in the actual recipie. Heisenberg really isnt something I would enjoy now, but if you do like it, then this is a must have. Interestingly they now have a heisenberg concentrate and the reviews on the website linked in this thread…people say it isnt really like it much…blue alien definately is though


I went to do an order and they have no paypal have to do a bank transfer, pretty poor, too much bother for people like me that dont do online banking


That’s what even we over here in Germany don’t know, it looked for once like they just closed, but then some how appeared under that new name. If they don’t accept paypal you could still just use nomnomz in the uk, since they have a good amount of them, including the apricot and the smurf ice cream which is really good.


“I would probably rather crude things be done to me with a real Bratwurst than ever have to vape this again.” Depends on who’s doing it, lol. I gather from your post that you’re not very keen on it then? And there was me thinking that Vaping a bloody German sausage would be good. No accounting for taste, I guess. Now I have to spend the rest of the day trying to get that image out of my head! Thanks Will.