Save money on your vapor coils

yo hear is a idea i have been using for like a week just like to share my wife had ? A Ultrasonic jewelry cleaner well she didn’t use it much so i put my used coils in it and it works i did not repeat did not use the chemicals just hot water and works just when I thought i had my million dollars i seen it for sale but just would like to share with friends on e- liquids
and if you go to harberfright they have one for 30.00 and get a coupon from hot rod magazine and save 20% to all the best to all keep vaping


I’ve had very little luck getting more life out of coils with the USC, but I have tried it and it did help a tiny bit.

But if you really wanna save the big bucks get into building your own coils (RDAs, RBA coil decks, RTAs, etc). You can buy a year’s worth of coil supplies for the price of a few stock coils. Start with something easy like a Kanger Subtank (which should be dirt cheap most places now that the Protank 4 has been out a while).


getting the cotton right for me is soooo hard i need to watch some more videos it seems i never have enough thats why i gave up on rda but i am going to give an rta a try

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When you’re threading the cotton, pull it back and forth and pay attention to how much it resists pulling. It shouldn’t slide through like there’s nothing holding it, but it shouldn’t feel like you’re gonna bend the coil out of shape either. There’s definitely a sweet spot and you’ll only find it with practice, so if it ain’t hitting right, just pull it out and try again. Cotton is cheap! You’ll get it. Good luck!

And if you get a tank with an RBA you could always go out and grab prebuilt coils if you’re having a really annoying bad streak with the RBA section. But backsliding is for smokers!



thats what i did i bought tons of different types of pre built coils its still cheap once i find an rtabill get back to practicing i gave my velocity v2 away a month ago but am in the market for rta

I do this too but I have a more powerful model. It works better the longer you leave in. Also you can take them out while they are wet with water and put them in your mod (just the base and coil and “wet fire” them. They should sizzle but you don’t want them to get dry. Take a pipe cleaner and go down the center and you will see it come out dirty (it just cleaned the wire!) Toss 'em back in for a bit and get out any loose flakes from the coil wire.

If the cotton is burned (usually visible at the top), just toss em. Prevent the cotton from burning by not letting your juice level go too low while vaping (below the top of the coli). I don’t get a whole new life from mine, but I get a few more days. Also just some more forceful application of water can wash the cotton more …like from your kitchen sprayer. Set in the sunny window sill for a faster dry time!

Heat them and quench them in water, gunk flys right off… :wink:

I’ve also heard of people using vodka in the USC instead of water to clean coils and stuff.

You could also try rayon. I had the same problem with cotton. The nice thing about rayon is there’s no sweet spot. All you do is wick it about as tight as you can and your good. You could get fiber freaks or they sell it at beauty salon supply shops. It’s 12$ for a giant box that’s def a life time supply.

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Can’t say I have tried a prebuilt in the USC, might have to now to see how well it works. I do use mine on my more sophisticated coil builds and its gets them like new just about every time. Really nice because some of my builds take awhile. Doesn’t help I’ve only been building exotic coils for a few months.

But yea love my USC.

and their liver :joy:

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RTA is the only way to Vape for me. Once you get the wicking down you will get flavor that you just can’t get with a pre made coil. Try the serpent mini 25mm it is so easy to wick and I get 4months out of a set of aliens that my friend makes he sells the!m on advanced Vape supplies they are the aliens made by raymo_2_u Instagram handle I get them from him I trade juice for cpils because he is from the same town as me funny because I randomly met him on vaping underground he was giving me tips on wicking when I first started using RTA’s but all you have to do is pulse your coils and rinse under cold water and you have new coils again $12 and some!e cotton and your good for 4 months and the flavor is unmatched with aliened claptons