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"Save the Children" and Manufacturer/Vendor Marketing Strategies


I don’t think the flavoring is nearly as bad as the way the product is presented. Making a juice bottle look like a lifesavers candy wrapper is irresponsible in my opinion.


I’d never seen any devices like that ^^^^. Don’t see why they would have to do that.


Here in NJ they tried passing an amendment banning fruit, bakery, and candy flavored vape juices for that very reason, they appealed to children


I never said it was fine. I noted that in my previous comments. I am posing the question as where will the FDA draw the line as “child appealing” or “child friendly” marketing as well. I will refer to my previous statements above. Is the Solomon RTA illustration okay? Would a child look at that and assume it is for adults as well, and not for them? This area concerns me because I find a lot of the merchandise: mods, atty’s, e-liquid, and accessories tip the scale.

Child friendly does not just refer to “kids” but anyone under 18 years of age in concerns to the FDA. Would these items below be considered “child appealing”? Could you see children referring to them as “cool” or “awesome” in any way? Would children be tempted to pick them up at all if an adult was not in their presence?


does it really matter what any of us actually think ??? ive always thought people pick and choose what is child like or not in the best interest for vaping , because thats actually what the concern is people and the fda already are going to attack vaping because of the silly names we and the manufacturers come up with , so what is ok the name unicorn in a product is that ok ? if we are really going to get caught up over images of one item we should be making a fuss over anything that can appeal to a child and i mean anything and everything names , images , etc i personally dont care either way the damage has been done already it shouldnt get personal though not amongst ourselves anyway , someones opinion doesnt make it wrong or right , my daughter is almost 5 and gave me a sticker ( a troll ) to put on one of my mods so i did is that wrong ??? if people enjoy cartoon figures for attys so be it ive seen juice boxes and other kid related things since the day ive started vaping the fuel was added long ago


I am not going to bother as it is like trying to explain particle physics to a crayon.

You bought all the other items up I am talking about one that you said was cool and was posted on this site by various vendors. Many of those items are in the same boat and I do not agree with them either.

Discus it with yourself as there is no point in trying to explain. You are right everyone else is wrong.

I am out.


and to add the other day a " my first vape " advertisement was posted here by someone who seem to think is a funny guy and not one person flipped him any shit and thought that was irresponsible why is that ???


now this is a bit much but all i see is likes , shouldnt it be flagged as passionate of an issue that this seems to be


i cant tell you how much i respect this ( thats you dont pick and choose )


Several things to point out

-The post you linked is in the underground and not availble by google search or viewable by basic membership here.

-The post was a joke by a known troll.

-The post was not from a pretentious professor of art.


but its her opinion if she likes it or anyone likes it why should that bother anyone or why should anyone be upset


Exactly. I think we can poke fun at ourselves and there’s nothing wrong with that.


if her opinion is that “it is cool” and my opinion that “it is uncool” why does it bother anyone?

This debate is not based on this forum alone but going on in FB groups and activist groups world wide. It is open for discussion. It is open for debate.

Some are trying to protect vaper’s rights. Some of us are trying to minimize or take away all damage that advertising is doing. It is a strong feeling. One that makes us angry and defensive and we take it personally because I want to vape as long as a please without anymore government interference.

BT has marketed their products towards young adults for ages. They know that if they hook a teen they have a customer for life. Should we stand to let the vape industry to do the same?


ill wait for your call so we could talk btw i have love for everyone here , i just dont think people should be arguing or getting upset with someones opinion i do see everyones points though EVERYONES


@fidalgo_vapes I agree with @TheTinMan1


I agree, if one cannot discuss a topic, that they disagree with, within the forum rules then it may be best to refrain.

Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree

You may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But, remember to criticize ideas, not people. Please avoid:

  • Name-calling.
  • Ad hominem attacks.
  • Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content.
  • Knee-jerk contradiction.
  • Instead, provide reasoned counter-arguments that improve the conversation.

and i respect that opinion weather it right or wrong is up to the individual


Ok then. ten words? I’m not sure I know that many. :face_with_head_bandage:


Everyone has his own viewpoint about it, but as a vendor, we should ensure that the product is no harmful for children, so I deleted that Minion post when you guys mentioned me.
I hope the factory can think more carefully when they design products. Just my view:laughing:


THANK YOU SO MUCH for not only posting this, but for taking the action you did, and PLEASE share this with the manufacturer!


From reading your earlier post that was sent to my email, and by the previous post about my comments / view points on the matter, it seemed to have bothered you.

Because this is a sensitive issue that reaches far beyond one particular atty, emotions can run high. Especially because one atty is not the only item that is questionable in the vaping market.

I agree that there should be standards as to what in totality is “direct marketing to children”. However everyone here (and I’m sure at the FDA) has their opinions as to what that means. A camel smoking with a cigarette in it’s mouth constituted as marketing towards children, and that Camel illustration was banned.

So in that respect, should a cartoon character vaping on a package be banned as well? Should a non vaping illustration/ cartoon of say figure/man/female, a camel, frog, bear, happy custard face, smiling apple, etc be banned as well?