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"Save the Children" and Manufacturer/Vendor Marketing Strategies


This is the entire issue in a nut shell. I thought we lived in a country where we protect the rights we have and freedom of speech and freedom of the press are right on the top of the list. I doubt if we censored everything we could think of that might induce a child to vape it would stop anybody from doing anything. We are deluding ourselves if we think we are helping by censoring anything. Haters are going to hate no matter what we say or do. So I say screw all of those who want to censor anything. It’s not going to make one bit of difference and your just adding fuel to the fire by agreeing to it.
I agree with what @therabidweasel said.


Yes. The referred yellow cartoon character that is called a “Minion” from Universal Picture’s “Despicable Me” movie that was released in 2010; followed by the release of 2 other feature films in the franchise. Despicable_Me_Poster

@therabidweasel much respect to your wife - the creative arts is definitely a fulfilling, fun, and energizing field to be apart of. “Would I really buy a crap-looking reproduction like that?” - I don’t think it’s really all that crappy per say…I see it on par with some of the other illustrations I’ve seen on devices - although, illustrations / graphics on a few of the comic book vape merchandise seem to be of better quality; Skins in particular.

LOL, I think Picasso’s “soiled underpants” would be more colorful and surreal.


Today on Youtube Mike Vapes reviewed the newer version (I don’t know when exactly it was released) of the “Pixy” RDTA. Viewers of this review for the new Ample “Skelly” design wrote comments regarding this version vs the original Pixy. I found a lot of opinions aligned with the opinions made in this thread.

Mike Vapes
16 hours ago
They told me they stopped making it. This is the new version.

Scrolling down (about half way) the comment posts there was this comment made by

All About The Vapor
10 hours ago
Mitch Green LOL the original that they came out with had the same design and they sent me four of them. It was called the PIXIE. It looked identical to a minion so I could not review it. They swear that minions had nothing to do with it and it meant something completely different. China is much different from the US so they could be being honest about it, I personally still couldn’t do though. I can’t really be mad because I had nothing to do with the new design or anything like that it just would’ve been cool if they would’ve gave credit to me for the name.

Review Link


Also to use color as quick reference if the is an ODing person.

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Let me leave this here. Opinions are like assholes. Most everyone has one. Couldnt leave my non buttholed or stick up the ass people left out.

If yah can’t debate, handle a debate, or reason to expect someone to have a difference of opinion then maybe the internet is not the place for you. Hell maybe finger paints is better. But for Gods sake be fucking careful.

Anonymity is a carelessly used option the internet has given to us. The free unfettered speech is something that is taken for granted. I for one fight for our countries use of that free speech. Whether it be a Neo-Nazi, Church of the Westboro Babtist, not pretty stuff there. The beauty is they are using the same rights as you all are using now.



If you’re referring to the kind of internet discussions that very quickly degenerate in a slagging match then you’re right.
They are all over the place but definitely not in this thread.

Just a bunch of people stating their opinion about a matter that we apparently not all agree on.
Just because someone is not persuaded to change their mind because of a counterargument doesn’t mean that they are disrespectful.

Sure, some people got a little emotional but all in all I think this debate went very well and I’m sure we’ll all still get along or do you think I made a list of the people with different opinions and am now going to shun them :sunglasses:

We will never find a single person in our lives that will agree with us on everything 100%.
We either accept and respect that or go through life alone and friendless.


Seriously, what’s the worst that could happen…

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