Saving recipe as private

Firstly, I just wish to say a big thank you to those who have created and added to this quite amazing resourse. I have been forced into DIY due to Portuguese Tax on liquids and thank the Cloud Gods that this site exists!

So, when I saved a recipe as ‘private’ I noticed it popped up on the front page with a black eye logo next to it. Now not wishing to pollute the front page list with my rubbish dabblings, I want to check that my private recipe is hidden from the other users.

Would one of the more advanced users please let me know so that I don’t inadvertently muck up the front page listing.

Many thanks


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You can be assured its private until you decide otherwise :smile:

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Cheers Paul6 for your swift reply :smiley:

I think it will be a wee while before i publish anything of any worth!

Thanks again

private recipes still show on the list of recipes on the pages … but only you will be able to view the recipe until you change it to public.

We all are seeing this happen daily! Good for you, getting into DIY. Happy mixing! And don’t be bashful with any recipe you personally like. Taste is subjective, but your ideas might help someone else with the perfect mix!