Saying hi, new to diy!

Just wanted to say hi, just started diy this week, having a great time! I’ve read a lot of this forum, trying to learn some tips and tricks, great stuff! Resources on this forum are great, just wanted to give credit to those that run this site, thanks a lot!


welcome …check out this thread👇 it’s still in the works but???

That’d be @daath, @Dumbgecko, @langertony45 and @ohlol1. Thanks X a bazillion!

Welcome @Andrissriel!

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Welcome!! Glad you’re finding some good information around here. This place was a great find when I first got here. I learned so much in only a month or so. And I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…these are some of the nicest people I’ve met on the net. :smile:


I’m just here to look pretty :wink:


Welcome to the site @Andrissriel

Welcome to the site @Andrissriel it’s always nice to have another join us!

Welcome @Andrissriel ! DIY’n is a great hobby ! I would say you can save a lot of $ but that isn’t the case for me because I like to buy every flavor under the sun lol :slight_smile:

ELR is an amazing place filled with awesome ppl !

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