SB - Derailed

Usually when looking for a clone recipe it’s pretty clear which one is the winner because it’s rated higher than the others, and has a ridiculous number of comments. However, none of the Derailed recipes get much attention which is too bad because it’s delicious and overpriced. Anybody had any luck with it? It’s basically a snickerdoodle (cinnamon/sugar cookie) with banana. Here are the 2 I’m looking at now:

(The “?” in the title doesn’t give me much faith in it)

I’ve yet to try a suicide bunny clone that comes close for some reason.

Frank search me davecamz I have tried it and seems ok to me…

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I have just took it off private for you

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Sweet. Thank you! I made an adaptation so you can set it back to private if you need to. I’ll give it a shot and let you know. Have vapor tongue right now, so it might be a bit. O and I need to order a couple flavors which BCV doesn’t have right now, but I’ll def let you know.

no problem frank, let me know what you think. I would leave it 10 days for the creams & banana to kick in. I always put in dripper when mixed to try to get some idea after its had an hour in the ultra sonic

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