SC Aroma (German flavor/liquid company)

Hey everyone,

When I just started vaping, I was basically ONLY vaping on SC Red Line - Watermelon e liquid. It was amazing, but then I started DIY and came far enough that I know watermelons, or at least thought I did. But here’s the thing, SC has released some aromas at the start of 2024, and I’ve only tried the watermelon, but it’s hands down, the best solo flavor watermelon I’ve ever tried. It’s so good by itself that I couldn’t imagine adding anything else but a dab of sweetener.

My SFT was at 6% and I added an additional 0.5% Cap Super Sweet. This is my new ADV :heart_eyes:

Has anyone tried any other flavors from Innocig’s SC? How are they?


It’s not a line I’ve ever heard of but I am in Australia.
Perhaps it is more available in Europe.


It is a European line, but they also import to the UK. Not sure if their products get to AU, and that’s probably because of all your new vape laws. It’s a company very well known in Germany.


Never seen nor heard about them unfortunately.

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