Scale Accuracy

Before I start a mixing session I tare the empty scale and place a nickel on it. A nickel weigh 5 grams. If it’s off by more than +/- .01 I will calibrate. What method do you use to check your scale for accuracy?

I have scale weights. They are 30 years old but still very accurate.

How often do you check the scale.?

Every time i use it which, if im being honest, isnt that often. I still prefer to just grab my glassware and syringes. I pretty much only use it when making 5ml test batches.

I check mine against a quarter (5.67g) about once a week. I’ve only had to calibrate once in the 5 months owned.

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ooo what scale are you guys using cause i want to get into weight mixing but not sure of the scale ill need or the max grams id need with it for a reasonable price

I have two but this is the one i use when i use a scale: Amazon

I ordered this scale from Amazon. Make sure whatever scale you purchase has at least two digits after the decimal point.

Amazon scale

Thats actually the other one i have, hehe.

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Great minds think alike. lol :ok_hand:

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Since you have both what’s the pros and cons price for both is good but is the more pricy one better some way?

I can’t comment the pricier one since I don’t own that one. But the only drawback I can refer to on the lower price one is that it has an auto shutoff feature which a lot of people don’t like. This scale has cut my mix time in half if not more and minimal clean up once I’m finished. It has been great for what I’m using it for.

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@Ken_O_Where has both no?

351298661600 item # on eBay… fast shipping!!!

quitter1 that scale is only accurate to .1g should i not be looking for .01g?


Correct. Look for 0.01g!


@daath you sure are on here alot lol love what you do here thanks for all your hard work

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I sit around working all day - I have a tab with ELR Forums open, so I can see when there is activity :smile:

I hope to get a few days off soon - There has been entirely too much work for my taste, the last few weeks!

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I took a look at that eBay scale a bit closer and some of the pictures show it weighing down to 0.01g; however, it does not say that in the description!

This one I got from Amazon. Looks exactly the same as the eBay unit and does do 0.01g. I’ve been satisfied so far. It has made mixing a joy!

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ND is correct, his has the 2 minute shutoff and is designed as a pocket scale. The one i pointed out is larger, has a cord and is made for what we do. Go to amazon and read the reviews, you may prefer one over the othr based on those reviews.