Scale options

Got my AWS LB-501 scale in the mail today… Long story short, it’s broken and it won’t hold zero no matter what I do. Can’t return it to amazon because I don’t have a printer to print a label…

So… What other options are out there? Won’t be able to order for at least a week or two, so I have time to browse.

You don’t need a printer to return it. Amazon should send you a return label.

I just went on to return it and all my choices say Printer required.

Doesn’t any of your friends have a printer you can print that label out on?

print to pdf and save to your phone/usb, go to fedex/ups type store and print it from usb or your phone, then tape it on the box, and ship it


this is the scale I got and it works well for me but I also had to order this 500g calibration weight before I could use it.

u can use one from the library

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I hate to do this (not really but it makes me giggle to say that)… why did you have to purchase a calibration weight prior to using the scale? Can’t you calibrate it with known weights (i.e. pennies, nickles… etc)?


that scale requires (according to the manual) a 500g calibration weight… that would have been a lot of nickels

edit - I had a 100g calibration weight, but not 5 of them…

at 5 grams per coin, 20 nickels weigh 100 grams… I think I would just test the scale prior to purchasing the calibration weight… g… but your right, it would take 100 nickles and they wouldn’t be sitting in one spot. I never calculated mine…
Came out to be 4.98 for a nickle… close enough for me.


When you say it won’t hold zero,how far off is it? If I’m under a vent or ceiling fan mine goes crazy lol. These things are VERY sensitive.

Also @mediocrity you did take the plastic tray off the top of the scale right? I remember when I first got mine I kept scratching my head about the tray that was covering the top of the scale.

I think I know how you know this … LOL :laughing:

After a little bending and tweaking I managed to get it to within 0.03… Good enough for me, but still looking for other options.

@Tenfifty It just kept having a seizure and wouldn’t stop on a set of numbers… Just constantly spazzing out.

@CallMeTut Yes, I did lol.


Amazon will actually send you a return label in the mail if needed.
Just go to the site click on the return option, it’s been awhile since I returned anything to Amazon so I am having a hard time remembering, but somewhere in the return process they give you the option of having them mail you an RA label. Of course they charge you like $2.00 to do it, but the option is there … somewhere, you just gotta find it

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