Scary: Mod woke me up

I have an alien 220 with the baby beast on it right now. I bought a batch of bad TFV12 coils so had to go back to the baby.

I’m snoozing away next to the wife. CPAP has fallen off which it usuallly does after 2AM. Start hearing hissing and popping real quick, then goes away. Sound is relatively familiar so it’s not enough to scare me awake. It actually incorporates into my dream.

I finally woke up after this happened I don’t know how manly times. Reach over and grabbed my mod to pull the batteries out and had my had burned by hot liquid. Pulled batteries out and went back to sleep.

I’m a very strange sleeper so I don’t know how many times it happened before this. Anyone know what could cause this? Put batteries back in just now and vaping away.

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No idea beyond the obvious. Major malfunction. I would be tempted to deep six the mod.


man seriously… put that mod away… unfortunately alien 220 is a mod that came up and was a really nice and promissing one though there were many problems with it…

some of them just got hard bricked… no reason… they got bricked because they could
in some others the monitor just died… for no reason
in some other cases i know they got bricked along with the batteries they had inside… dead mod and dead batteries too at the same time without at least even a reason that a normal user can explain it…

if you had a problem like this i would suggest you to put it away… seems dangerous


Do you have a suggestion for new mod that is just as powerful?


Such a difficult question. What’s important in a mod for you? Looks? Price? Features?
Why not select a few mods online that you might like and come ask people about their experience with those mods.

Mods are a very personal thing. I never liked the Alien from the beginning but lots of people don’t like my HCigar VT250 either. It’s all so subjective.


if you read the reddit link @spaced posted a firmware upgrade might help you with this problem…

though i just don’t trust smok very much… alien 220 has/had many problems in general…no matter where you catch that thing, there is always a problem… even in this forum many people complained about having problems with this mod… try to make the upgrade and if the problem doesn’t get fixed (i am suggesting this because it will NOT cost money)… check for another… though it’s a difficult question…

look? price? any special features? size? mods are kind of a personal thing…

i am not the best guy to help you since here i live the prices are much different than the internet… i am not really buying devices from the internet… for this purpose i choose buying from local vaping stores… delivery and support are faster even if this costs me even double price…

personally atm i use a Vaporesso Revenger 200W and i am completely satisfied, and in my collection there are several other mods…
but if you want a list to check:
eLeaf iKonn (in terms of appearance is like al220)
Smoant Battlestar (clone of RX 2/3 but works wonders)
Smoant TC Charon (everyone got it said it’s an amazing mod)
eLeaf iStick 100W (it’s a cheap workhorse though it has no TC, if you need it you should check istick TC 100W)
Vaporesso Revenger 220W
Vaporesso Tarot Pro 160W

and this list can be stupiditly big… lol just for me Smok was never a company that i trust and second comes to joy for buying a mod (though i like ijoy for tanks etc) right now there are tonz of companies with good products :slight_smile: all you need is just to make a lil search for them :wink: as i said mods are a kinda personall matter to everyone… though in the list i wrote, in case you have some to check it you will not find any problems or any serious problems with these devices unlike smoke alien 220… even autofiring can be a dangerous problem…

gl and hf :slight_smile:

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totally agree :slight_smile:

Thanks for this, I will check them out. I just don’t trust my alien anymore which means I don’t trust SMOK. One thing I do NOT like about it is the weight with the tfv12 on it, it’s heavy. I value a good deal for a good product. I hate being ripped off and overpaying. I would buy local but to charge almost double the price, that’s too much. For this Alien with baby I was quoted 95$. I got it for 65 online.


Ive been using an ijoy captain for 3 months now its top of the line for under 100 bucks, it really is a solid device with above average performance. Also has a really nice feel to it and its pretty light for its size.

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Ive been using lost vape drone and i have wismec rx200s most people like or hate these mods
but i still have a smok al85 when i just want a small mod to pop out with i have had no issues
with any of theses mods and the rx200s i think i have had for over a year

If that thing has been intermitently auto-firing on you as you describe, remove the batteries and use something else, pronto. That thing is a ticking time bomb. What if it auto-fires and you’re in the next room and don’t hear it? And it keeps firing.
You’ll find much worse than just hot juice bubbling out of the mod. Think meltdown, Think explosion and fire.


Guess it’s a matter of you get what you pay for with the cheaper mods. Are they all bad? No I don’t think so but chances are you get one out of a bad batch and customer support is lower especially if you ordered in China. Are you willing to take the risk? That’s a personal question for me yes ( I use Pico’s ordered in China) but if I was vaping higher wattage multiple cell mods I might splurge to get myself a DNA device or a whiterose. Hell I’m wondering if I could get a Pico sized whiterose don’t need anything higher the 20 watts

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