…no group is more deserving, so, don’t feel guilty when you experience the feeling! :innocent:


That is a shit sandwich in all senses of the expression. Anyone associated with that event should be tagged and sterilized before re-release into the population. Sorry, rabies.


McFarland, the 25 year old Grifter, should be the one tagged and definitely sterilized… but, “fools and their money are soon parted” strikes a chord here…

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Where are they I will help.
Aside from inheriting how do these fools come by their money and why don’t i run into them when they are in a parting mood.


They certainly delivered on that just not in the way they expected :laughing: :smiling_imp:

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Yup… it’s just too bad that the reality of being “without” only lasted for a few hours with this bunch. Probably the worst thing that really happened to them was the battery on their phones died, so they couldn’t be connected to their precious social network.

They should try having to stick their family and friends (or those who are left), with only the clothes on their backs, into a rubber boat, row across the Mediterranean Sea (if they can actually do it without dying), and hit the shore of another country, where they are going to be hated just as much as from where they just came (if not more).

For just a hot minute… they were refugees! :scream: Heavens forbid! I bet the similarities of such a scenario never entered their little self absorbed heads. :smirk:

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Nah, I bet it didn’t and the fuckers are going to get their money back too :rage: