Scottish roll wicking WOW

I was on the video streaming site and noticed someone lol had a video up about a scottish roll wicking method.

Curiosity got the better of me so i decided to rebuild my velocity
You thin out the cotton so its nearly see through then roll it into a loose ish tube and wick as normal.

I must admit i am getting immense flavor a lot better than usual and also a serious improvement between drips as in extra draws.

Has anyone else tried this method and noticed a difference ? Or is it just a psychological effect ?

Yeah Dave we had a thread about this a short time back. I don’t know if Rip just got on the bandwagon with it or what but here’s the thread if you’d like some amusement:

I tell you it does work very well. I mainly use drippers to test with and don’t bother with it then, but if I’m going to drip I definitely use that method.


I recently tried this wick in my RDTA, it work well in a deck which is a mare to wick. but when you get it spot on its spot on. worked well with my Royal Hunter also.

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The Scottish Roll works great for me. All my RDAs are wicked this way now. Don’t give ol trippy rippy too much credit for it though. It’s been around for a lil bit.


LMAO love it.