"Search by Flavor Stash" filtered by "What Can I Make"

I know it’s been asked before by several people (including myself last summer), but with the changes and updates being made to the site I thought I’d bring it up again.

Essentially it would be phenomenal to be able to search for a flavor in your Flavor Stash but only show the result recipes that you have ingredients for.

“What Can I Make” is a random firehose that you have to look through each one to see what’s in it, which doesn’t help if you just want a “Juicy Peach (TPA)” flavor, and if you search for that flavor in the Flavor Stash you have to click each one to find one that you have all of the ingredients for.

It’s not too bad for me since I know what I have, but I tend to hand my laptop to friends and say “find something you’d like to try”. They do and it’s a constant, “no, I don’t have that flavor. Nope, not that one either. No, I don’t have any by that manufacturer.” as they look down the list because they’re in the mood for caramel.

I know that the “What Can I Make” SQL query is incredibly complex, but with the database improvements I was hoping that a “WHILE flavor={checked flavor}” could be tossed into the mix. :slight_smile:

But a checkbox labelled “Filter on What I Can Make Recipes” on the “Search by Flavor Stash” page would be an incredible timesaver.

PS. Sorry to bring up an old topic, just wanted to bring the idea back up so it’s not floated off the list.

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This is already possible…

If I search in the regular search field for Sweet Guava, this is what I find:

If however I click “What can I make” and then use the search field, I get this:

All these recipes only contain flavors that I have in my flavor stash.


Holy crap, I feel like an idiot! Thank you, I had seen that but for some reason didn’t even think to try that to see if it would find ingredients as well as the titles.

Thank you!

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It’s always a good idea to bang on all the bells and blow on all the whistles to see what they do :smiley:

Ok follow up question, is there a search format that I’m missing? searching for sweet strawberry flags for recipes with “Sweet Cream” and “Strawberry (Ripe)” for example instead of “Sweet Strawberry (CAP)”. Searching with quotes gives 0 results.

It’s not a big deal at all, more of a curiosity. That’s a heck of a timesaver.

I don’t use the search like that, but here you go:

I’m just trying… not sure if this is the best way.
It may be that there are a couple sweet strawberries in there. Or you could omit the strawberry and just search for “ripe sweet cream”
We’ve already requested a couple times to add a search function to exclude flavors from a search, could be coming in one of the next updates, maybe, maybe not :slight_smile:

Oh what I meant was that it’s not doing an actual combined filter on the search terms. So if you search for “sweet cream” it’s not actually looking for sweet cream, but instead anything with sweet and anything with cream… if they happen to be on the same thing that’s great but not required. So your search might find a recipe with “Raspberry (SWEET)” and “Ice CREAM Gelato” in it, but not actually “Sweet Cream” if that makes sense.

Again it’s a small nit to pick, but just throwing it out there. I’m honestly ecstatic to find out that the search works the way it does.

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I’m probably misunderstanding what you’re trying to do but you can enter the Mfr at the end of your search criteria. Sweet Strawberry Cap returns almost 10,000 recipes.

Oh boy, I didn’t mean for this to be a big thing… like I said I’m happy that the search works at all.

But what I meant was, when I click “What Can I Make” and search for “Sweet Strawberry Cap” the third recipe found is “Banana E Strawberry” by Jorge Maebara.

The ingredients are:

Banana (CAP)3.603.606.00
Dragon Fruit (CAP)
SWEETener (Sucralose/Maltol) (TPA)

Because it found the terms individually (sweet OR strawberry OR cap) instead of as a solid phrase of “Sweet Strawberry Cap” none of the flavors are the specific term that I searched for. (I bolded what was found in the search). Normally you would just enclose the term within quotes, but that yields 0 results.

So my 1065 results from my search from within What Can I Make are probably only ACTUALLY 600 or so valid results, but that’s a heck of a lot better than looking through the 18k results without the search.

If your looking for recipes that contain specific flavors then why not use the search by flavor stash and select the flavors you want?

Like this.

Because searching by flavor stash shows you everything, not just the stuff that you have the flavors to actually make. That’s what I was talking about in the first post, I didn’t realize that you could actually search within the What Can I Make function, which is what this last part has been about.

Searching within What Can I Make is exactly what I was wanting, I was just wondering if there was a trick to search on a phrase instead of individual terms that I was missing.

What you want is that you can search for “Sweet Strawberry (CAP)” for example, and that it ONLY returns those recipes, and not everything from CAP, everything with Strawberry and everything with Sweet… I don’t think it works that way yet, you’ll need an advanced search.

Until that function is available, you’ll just have to spend a little more time browsing recipes or try different search criteria to fine-tune your results.

i think i just posted the same issue, it makes it hard to make recipes and kind of limits you if this function isnt fixed