Search option for "my recipes"

Hey @daath I’m curious about something.

Is there a way to broaden the search for searching within your own recipes?

For example, I make so many recipes and I only post a fraction of these online. I use a few systems when making a recipes to categorize/label them before I finally decided to name them if I like them.
My most common way of labeling the recipe and bottle is by using the first letter in the first 3 flavors of the recipe.

Strawberry 1%
Pooderberry 2%
Dingleberry 5%
Shmagma .01%
Cream 4%

So to save time I would label that recipe SPD with the date I made it.

I have started using the ELR calculator more to make my initial recipes/testers and before I make them public, I would name it SPD on ELR as well. It isn’t until I pull the trigger and then officially name it, that I move the SPD into my recipe notes section.
I do this so I can remember which tester is which, when I forget to label the bottles with the official name.

Does that make sense? haha

So I started putting the tester names in my ELR recipe notes, thinking that if I come across a tester that says SPD on it, I can just search my recipes for SPD and find which one it is. I now see that this is not the case :frowning:
Unless it is in the title or part of the actual recipe, the search doesn’t reach as far as the notes.

My question to you, if you don’t know already, is, can you choose how deep the site’s search function is? Too much of a hassle? Not possible at all?

It won’t be the end of the world but you out of anyone knows how many recipes I have and what a life saver that would be! Otherwise I will just change my system or stay with using my home calculator when it comes to testers.

Thanks Lars


Your wish is my command! I’ve enabled searches in the notes field for “My page” - in regular searches it will not search the notes field (it’s a performance issue) :slightly_smiling:


You never cease to amaze my man :wink:

Thank you!


It’s just amaze’balls…changes upon request. Thanks for making the place great.

Hey Lars!

I just want to say THANK YOU again for doing this for me!! You have no idea how much this saves me on time!

I am sitting here with over 80 10ml test bottles labeled TDG, DKJ, IKD and so on…
It works perfectly with the new search option. I can sort and label my testers without having to go back to my notebook :wink:



Excellent! I’m glad I could help! :smiley:

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When don’t you!! Haha. Seriously though, I don’t know any other site creator to honor and alter his site per request, so thank ya Lars :wink: