Search recipes from stash

I wonder if there is a way to search “what can i make” from the flavor stash with only a few flavors that we have in our stash?

That is what the search by flavor stash is.

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What i am triyng to say is, lets supose that we have 10 flavors in our stash and we only want to know “what can i make” with only 3 flavors that we have in our stash.

Yes, click “search by flavor stash”, then select the three flavors you want in your recipe and it will show a list of recipes that contain all three flavors you selected.

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dreamersword, sorry. I do not read your answer carefully.

But the problem is when we select the flavors that we want in “search by flavor stash” the search engine show
recipes that include these flavors but also includes other flavors in these recipes.

Is there a solution to show only the the recipes with these flavors but not including others?

I know how to solve the problem.
It is to erase all the flavors that we have in our stash, excluding the flavors we want to search,
but then have to reinsert them was a huge headache.

This has been discussed and from what I gather it is on the list, but not at the top. :wink:

It will be done. Not sure when though! :slight_smile: Hang in there - Some day, it will magically appear :smiley:


@daath and @JoJo, thanks for the reply.

i’m glad to hear that will be done.

My sugestion is, creating a check box inside de “search by flavor stash” to only show recipes with selected flavor, not inculding other flavors.

In this way we can search like we have now and the option to simulate “what can i make?” from our stash with the selected flavors.