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Searching for FA Whipped Cream


grab it from chefs buddy is much cheaper link up above


I had no problems @TheTinMan, loaded up on butter, milk, whipped cream, and custard with no issues.


Yeah I understand that but still, they are part of the same company aren’t they? I have to assume there is some entity at the top that FANA reports to. I’m just trying to rationalize the decision making/thought processes from a business perspective.

Why do they think selling their DAAP-laden products is fine in one part of the world but not in the North American part? It’s not like Europeans are immune to DAAP or Americans are more sensitive to it.


You serious? We can’t have a Christmas thread around here without someone trying to fuck it up.



Considering ordering the cream whipped. Can order 20ml from Chefs and with shipping it is $15 or so. Just wondering if it is worth it. I want to order the MF Vanilla as well. Sigh. Choices choices.


Ok so I watched Waynes vid that was linked and it he pointed out some things about FA that I wasn’t aware of. Thank you @worm1.
I seldom watch his vids.


You will want to watch these.

They are Dated a few years but still very interesting.

FlavourArts Tour
(Video will jump to the good part the Tour, but you can rewind to the beginning if you want)

FlavourArt with the ClearStream Onward Testing

Ingredient Profiles of "Tobacco" Flavorings