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Searching for FA Whipped Cream


Hey folks…looking for FA Whipped Cream. Checked BCV, Ecigexpress, etc. I want to make @Pro_Vapes Milkshake base and I am already going to have to sub the vanilla. Any ideas where I can find it?


FA Italy or one of the UK stores, maybe Chefs still carries it. FA Whipped cream is banned (discontinued) for the american market.


Ah man. That sucks. I am assuming flv whipped cream or possibly TPA may work?


Only in small bottles


while you are there may as well get some of the other banned in Nth America flavours (flavour creative is chefs FA rebottle)


Shipping is only £5 worldwide


neither will work as a substitute … Post recipe and maybe we cld look at it and see what may work


Same for a couple other FA flavors, (FA) Premium Custard, (FA) Butter, (FA) Milk… I feel like I am forgetting another one but I can’t remember.

If you want a good whipped cream flavor depending on application for topping: (CAP) Vanilla Whipped Cream,

For the “heavier” distinctive whipped cream flavor real whipped cream (in liquid concentration) does have and mixing/binding agent inside a mix (TPA) Whipped Cream would work at very low percentage since you don’t want to mute the hell out of that mix. (VT) sweet cream does have that nuance as well and could be used if needed. (FLV) Cream does do the “heavy” body very well not so much the taste of real whipped cream imo.

I don’t know about (FLV) Whipped Cream since I don’t have it, also haven’t looked a pro vapes recipe too see for what he’s using it (accent/topping) etc. None of them are the same as (FA) Whipped Cream but these listed can be used as substitute in most cases and do quite a good job.


Since your changing the vanilla already which im assuming he used MF vanilla whats thebpoint of trying to make his milkshake base ???



Well, good point I guess but I can’t afford the MF right now and they aren’t shipping until after the first of the year I believe. I was thinking or hoping the vanilla sub would be less altering than the creams.


Thank you for the info and links!


I dont think any of the listed flavors will replace the cream whipped , but if you have holy vanilla you may be able to replace the MF vanilla with it …i havent use the vt sweet cream so im not sure what that taste like…

Do you have Liquid,Barn VIC


I do indeed.


Use the TPA VBIC at the perxentage the cream whipped is at then use the LB vic in place of the TPA vbic


Okay. Thanks for your help.


Well, since it’s kind of on-topic…what the hell is the deal with FA not making those flavors available? I too have looked for those flavors but didn’t need them bad enough to order from the UK.


FA Nth America made the decision to not allow the sale of DAAP flavours in Nth America any retailer who goes around that decision has their supply of FA cut.


Thanx. Doesn’t sound too logical allowing it in the UK but not North America.


Why not just order it directly from them?


Flavour Art nth America are a seperate entity to FA. FANA have made this rule not FA


Has anyone ordered direct from FA in Italy and what method of shipping? Is the “not tracked” okay? I hate to pay €21.00 for DHL. All I want is the Premium Custard.