Searching for my first RTA, found this Best-in-2018 list helpful

I have yet to decide, but thought this list a good starting point for research. Shared for others in need and to see what the group has to say about the list. Did they nail it, or miss the mark?


I’ll let you know, but I do have a reload rta on the way…it got a lot of good reviews on YouTube.

As @SessionDrummer would agree…

Aromaizer supreme by steam crave is pretty good. I rock that one daily on my commute. Although it may be a 2016 but it beats all my other rtas that sit idle.


Everyone sleeps on the iJoy EXO :man_shrugging:

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For dual coil I would add the Advken Manta, Wotofo Bravo, Freemax Fireluke, Ijoy EXO and Captain, and Fumytech Windforce. Coilart Azeroth. Single coil… OBS Engine Nano, Kylin Mini, Ehpro Bachelor, Mad Dog Desire GTA. Not in any particular order, just some of the tanks I still use and some are a little older but so is the list.


Out of list, I tried Vandy Vape Kylin and aromamizer Plus. I think they are missing Augvape Boreas v1 and v2.
For flavor,
Boreas v2, then v1, and very close comes the aromamizer Plus, then Kylin.

Having said that, Boreas v2 isn’t easy to wick correctly. It leaks sometimes if I wick less than what it wants. Too much wick doesn’t get a dry hit, but gives less flavor.
Also, i don’t like the popping sound it sometimes makes.

I still haven’t tried arromamizer supreme.

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Advken Manta, easy to wick, no leaking and great flavor, better than the Reload IMO.

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Steam Crave Aromamizer Plus or Supreme :white_check_mark: