Searching for small business owners

Hello everybody. I already introduced myself but, let’s do it again. My name is Pedro. I live in Ecuador - south America and I own a small e-Liquid manufacturing business. I have my own brand but, I do not posses a physical establishment so I depend on Vape stores to distribute my products, which fortunately have been well accepted in the market since 2018. I Use this web site to store my recipes, to calculate percentages and to read reviews of flavors I haven’t tried and I would like to, because I’m always trying to develop new flavors.
I would like to know manufacturers from other countries so we can form a group (maybe WhatsApp or other platform) in order to interchange ideas and tips.
If you are a small business owner and like to contact other countries owners (like me). If you like my idea, leave me a message with your contact information and let’s start this group. It might be of some help, it might be not but, at least we should give it a try.
Thanks in advance.


Bit late for that. Stock up on food, get survival gear


Would you please be so kind as to tell me to what vape stores you’re distributing your production since 2018? I need to know more about what you’re selling (different reviews, prices, etc.).


Do you take visa?

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