Searching for Vendor of CBE Double Mango flavor

Found some great recipes recently containing FDA/CBE Malay Double Mango - is there any USA vendor or one that will ship to USA that carries CBE Flavorings? In assuming from what little I could find that this is the flavorings company that makes this? I had never heard of them as a newbie. Any thoughts or advice? Thanks in advance.


FDA escapes me (as a flavor house acronym) at the moment…

But CBE (Cloud Burst) is something that isn’t widely available in the USA these days. I was under the impression that they were either out of business, or extremely small.

As for foreign vendors who will ship to the US, I don’t recall seeing CB/CBE at any of the usual UK vendors. Though that’s not to say you might not find them at one of the German, Polish, or Italian sites.
I’m pretty sure I’ve seen them at French sites before, BUT, I rarely see users here mentioning shopping at (or recommending) any French sites to order from.

Someone will surely be able to offer help though, only you might need a bit of patience in a department that is a bit rarer like this. :wink:


Don’t think there’s any USA suppliers,
Available in SA,


Thanks so much for all the info. Looks like my double-mango pangs will not be satisfied. :laughing: TFA & CAP it is!