Searching "What Can I Make"

Pretty sure the answer to this is no, but is it possible to search through the recipes I’m able to make? For example, I just got some INW Biscuit and put it in my flavor stash. Am I able to search the recipes I can make for all of them that contain Biscuit?

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I come up with 64 recipes one can make using INW Biscuit.

I’m consfused. So the answer is yes? I’m trying to search for recipes that contain flavors I already have including Biscuit.

You can search the recipes that have the exact same flavors in your stash by clicking "what can I make"
But it only searches for the exact flavors so if you have strawberry by capella it only search for strawberry by capella and strawberry by say TFA

I’m not sure if this is the question you were asking but there is also tge option to search by your flavor stash too…so you can search recipes by individual flavors by clicking them in “search by flavor stash”

I see what you mean. What I’m trying to do is find all recipes I can make that contain Biscuit without having to click all recipes that show up. Clicking “Search By Flavor Stash” shows all recipes that contain a specific flavor(s), not just the ones I’m able to make.

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Yeah search by flavor stash, you can check buscuit and it will pull up all the biscuit recipes. Clicking, what can I make, will pull up every recipe combination with all the flavors you have

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That’s not true for me. When I select “what can I make” it will show tons of recipes with flavors I don’t have. I have always wanted this feature too where I can search for recipes that contain a particular flavor but where the results don’t show recipes that contain flavors not in my stash. Perhaps @daath know a way to make this happen.

Perfect. That’s what I was missing. I wasn’t clicking “What Can I Make” after putting a check in the Biscuit box.

I had that problem before too. When you adapt a recipe it automatically puts those flavors in your stash. That is probably why you see a bunch of recipes you aren’t able to make.

At least that’s how I’m understanding what you wrote. So when you go to User > What Can I Make, you see a bunch of recipes with flavors you don’t own?

Ok… something isn’t right here. I swear it worked once, now it’s not. Here is exactly what I’m doing:

User > What Can I Make.
Click “Search By Flavor Stash”, which shows all my flavors with a box next to them.
Check “Biscuit INW”, then click the “What Can I Make” button above it.

Doing the steps above show all recipes I can make. It doesn’t narrow it down to the ones that contain Biscuit.

No, The example you gave was for Biscuit. So, you can go to Search By Flavor Stash, click on Biscuit and find all the recipes that have Buicuit in them. Many of those results will have flavors you don’t have in your stash. If you click on What Can I Make, it will show all recipes for which you have flavors in your stash. What I was saying is I would like to be able to search for recipes that contain a particular flavor (for example, Biscuit) but only show results that I already have flavors for in my stash. Not all Biscuit recipes. Get it? :wink:

I understand. Looks like you’re trying to do the same thing I am, but I’m not having any luck.
I’m trying to filter out all recipes containing Biscuit that have flavors NOT in my stash.

“What can I make” will only show you recipes you can make with what you have in your stash… Maybe you have some flavors in your stash that you don’t really have?

“Search by flavor stash” will let you check off one or more flavors from your stash, and it will show you recipes containing those, plus possibly others (some which you might not have).

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Yeah, I figured that one out some time back. With all the great features of the site I can live without it. But it would be cool to filter out those recipes that contain flavors I don’t have. As the site grows and more and more recipes are added, it would be an even better feature. Just sayin.

I have a plan to add an option to “Search by flavor stash” to do just that. Also to allow for 1, 2 or X flavors that you don’t have (selectable) :smile:


Sounds good. Thanks Daath. At that point the flavor stash part of the site will be pretty much perfect. I’ve yet to find a recipe site that comes close to the number options this site does. Most sites just list recipes and that’s it.

The feature you just mentioned allowing recipes with a determined number of flavors not in your stash to appear would be cool too. Easy way to find recipes to make in the future or just to substitute them for other flavors.

Ok. So I found a recipe that I have all flavors for except one (Raspberry). If I were to just skip the flavor, would you add a higher percentage of the others, or just make it as-is minus Raspberry?

I’ve never had the TPA Raspberry, but the recipe indicates it plays a predominant role in the fruit flavor. Certainly you could substitute any fruit flavor you think would work, or leave it out. If you omit it though I would raise the strawberry - like double if it were me.

Gotcha. I’m thinking it would be a good idea to replace it. I’m going to replace it with 6% Blueberry Extra TPA.