Sediment In AP Bottle

Today I got a 10ml bottle of Acetyl Pyrazine. The bottom 3rd or so of the bottle looks like gel or some kind of sediment. If I tip it upside down it doesn’t move. This is my 2nd bottle from the same vendor, and the 1st didn’t look like this. Anyone ever seen this? I tried to take pics, but they don’t do it justice.

BTW shaking the bottle spreads all of that gunk, but it all ends up back at the bottom.

Sounds fishy. I don’t think my AP has any kind of gunk. I’d contact the vendor about it and ask them to send you a new one.


What JoJo said. Definitely.

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Yeah that’s what I’m thinking too. Thanks for your replies. I gave it a good shake before bed and it’s back to it’s sedimentary lifestyle this morning.

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I would take a pic and send to them.

Could it have possibly been in the cold for a long time? Like in a mailbox? Not sure if that would do it. But can’t imagine anything else being to blame.

Yeah I actually just heard back from the vendor and they said cold weather can cause it to crystallize. They said to try giving it a warm water bath and then give it a good shake.

Wasn’t in the mailbox for long, but I live in Michigan where it’s been really cold. It spent a couple days traveling in Michigan.

Yep, sounds like re-crystalization to me :slight_smile: See if a little warm bath doesn’t help. No, not for you - unless you bring the bottle :laughing:


Yup, warm water fixed the problem. Took less than 10 minutes.