See your comments, and other's too!

Hey guys!

Another small update - At the top of “My page” there is now a link that will show you all you’ve ever commented on.
Inspecting a user also has the same link, so you can see all user’s comment history.
Right now it’s just a long list - I will probably add pagination at a later time.

I hope you’ll find it useful :slight_smile:

Happy vaping!


Comments on private recipes are showing up. Dunno if that is intentional, unavoidable, or what. But I noticed it, and thought I should mention it. :slight_smile:

Hmm. Private recipes aren’t supposed to show up, I just tested and it wasn’t showing… Can you PM me an example?


I see the same. E.g. If I look at your comments, I see the first one is on your own Prickly Passion Water, and if I click on the recipe name, it comes up a private. Same for the one to the Strawnana Custard by Ken O Where.

Hmmm, in fact, I haven’t found one yet that is not private…

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@daath I think when you click the recipe you commented on it just shows no such recipe exists on all of them regardless if they are really private or not.

Some of them show up as ‘no longer exists’, other’s as ‘private’. None seem to show the actual recipe. Maybe this is unique to looking at other people’s comments. I don’t have any I’ve made myself, so I don’t know if that works correctly.

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I just made for first comment on someone else’s recipe, and when I click on it from My Page it shows up ‘No such recipe exists’.

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Would it be difficult to implement sort by date on the follows me list? Would love to easily figure who i should follow back.

I saw some private comments as well.

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Yea, all the links show up private for me as well.

Ah, I got it. Should be fixed now. It never showed private comments, but the links to the actual recipes were just incorrect :slight_smile:


I was wondering as all of the comments, of mine, that i clicked were to public recipes but when clicked said they were private. Thanks for fixing it, daath! Now i am sure some people will want a way to disable it for public view just as the stash.

I like this feature muchly, thanks again!

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