Selling juices

Does anyone know what the legalities are for selling the juices I make (California)
I enjoy DIY and am thinking about selling my juices for some extra cash


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that’s what I was thinking

Consider it illegal on Jan 1 2017. By that date you must be registered with the FDA as a tobacco manufacturer. This registration will cost over $3000 and I believe, yearly. According to a major distributor here in the US, in February recipe ingredients with full chemical analysis must be submitted to the FDA on each product to be sold. Every Flavor, every Nicotine Level is a separate product. Consider this beyond most people’s pocket…


so the 3000 is a yearly cost and then each juice you register is an additional cost ???

since you live in california, it’s probably a better idea, legally speaking, to sell weed instead of eliquid.


Was thinking the same

Being I have no intention of continuing blending commercially I never verified the cost being yearly, but as I said I believe it is. Also know I did not verify the February deadline for ingredient submissions. This info was passed on to me by a distributor. This cost of ingredient submission is only the first product costs. It has been estimated that each and every product will cost over a million dollars before it is all said and done. Not only that, paying out all that money does not guarantee approval. For the average joe, we’ve been left out in the cold…

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i cant imagine many manufacturers now could afford that

Most probably can not but there will be some that can. Question is will they be willing to take the chance of a bias FDA turning down everything they submit and costing them millions. Also people, keep in mind the hardware costs of approval will most likely cost as much or even more. than the Ejuice. We keep telling people this shit is gonna turn it over to the tobacco companies and the drug companies but few listen. People really need to stop sitting on their asses and watching it happen…


i guess thats probably why companies are dumping new product so fast id be willing to bet mech mods and rta / rda will be banned eventually

my cousins wife was puffing on some essential oil cigg its got 200 puffs and delivers oils that are supposed to be natural no nicotine no problem i guess

when you stop selling commercially will you publish some of your best mixes lol :wink:

The FDA has covered all bases. Put it in a ENDS device and it is then considered a tobacco product regardless of containing nicotine…

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each essential oil cigg is 20$ i told her well let me see if i cld make you something

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Probably not since I’m hoping things will eventually be overturned by the Trump administration. I sure have my fingers crossed…

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i hope things do especially for the little guy , im sure you know my feelings on the new admin so ill shhhhhhhhhhhh

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Actually, I may release a few but my most sacred will remain a secret for now…

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A number of people feel as you do, that’s OK. Just give the man a chance. Maybe he’ll confirm my support and gain your respect as well. We all need to just see if he lives up to his words. We did that for all the others that just plain lied to us, what’s another one, eh?


Oh my, why did that need to be?