Sen./Chairman Johnson Demands Further Answers from FDA on E-Cigarette Regulations

From email heads up FYI,
" We need as much attention brought to this fight as possible. Support Senator Johnson’s efforts. #AnswerRonJohnson."


I seriously doubt the FDA Commissioner Robert M. Califf is ever going to answer until he is served a subpoena to appear. They know they are wrong. Thanks for sharing.


I pray the truth wins, and i Do pray for it,seriously…
They know the truth, we know the truth, but it won’t matter unless there is serious pressure on the elected officials, and that takes lobbying with cash like the clinton clan has, why do you think they positioned themselves in that way?
Civil War 2 is at our doorsteps, and it will be nasty [IF everyone does what they claim to stand for, boast to be, and are as tough as they claim to be on social media, it may be salvageable]. For me, I don’t have many years left to fight for what I believe in, but I have fought hard for what I was taught to be the truth about Patriotism, and I will die fighting for what I believe it to mean as freedom…for us all, and that includes the ones that step on our flag. [reluctantly][I will keep those practices close to my own discretion]


Amen brother ozo