Sen. Gary Peters of Michigan sent me an email

January 30, 2020

Dear Daniel,

Thank you for contacting me about access to smoke-free alternatives to combustible tobacco. I appreciate you taking the time to express your views. Your input is, and will always be, welcomed and appreciated.

I have heard from a number of Michiganders who are concerned about the regulation and taxation of vapor products. I have also heard from a number of Michigan families who are concerned about the increasing number of youth accessing e-cigarettes and vapor products. From 2017 to 2018, use of e-cigarettes jumped 48 percent among middle school students and 78 percent among high school students. In Michigan, county-level data shows similar trends and in some areas like Macomb County, usage rates are even higher at 96 percent. Regulations must be created with the best science available and with the goal of protecting Americans, particularly our nation’s youth.

The Family Smoking and Tobacco Control Act of 2009 gives the FDA the authority to regulate the manufacture, distribution, and marketing of tobacco products. In January 2020, the FDA announced final guidance on unauthorized flavored vapor products that appeal to minors. Under this policy, companies must cease manufacture, distribution and sale of unauthorized flavored vapor products, particularly the fruit, dessert, and mint flavored products. This policy is a dialing back of the Trump Administration’s proposal to ban all vapor products, with broad exemptions for menthol-flavored products and products with refillable liquids. The application deadline for companies to authorize their vapor products is set for May 2020. Congress, regulators, scientists, and health care professionals must work together to continue addressing the epidemic of youth accessing vaping products, while preserving options for adult smokers who use the products as a smoke-free alternative. Please be assured I will keep your views in mind should legislation related to vapor products come before the Senate.

Thank you again for contacting me. I always enjoy hearing from you and hope that you take the time to contact me again soon. For more information, please feel free to visit my website,, or find me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @SenGaryPeters.

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Gary C. Peters
United States Senator

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Is it even worth sending one back and telling him his Forked tongue has not convinced me?


Sounds like a repug in lockstep so I doubt it.


Send him this:


I agree with RC on this and also most of these people have heard of the Heartland institute and respect them, so maybe send him this as well you can download it as a PDF


But means fuck all to me, as I’m towing the line since I’m only a lackey.
Deaf Ears

Form letters. “Love 'em.” :roll_eyes:


I don’t know if these politico’s really know what their are saying or are just spouting the party line. Well at least you received a reply that address vaping (sort of). Most politico’s I contact have no stance they’re willing to share with me.


A 4 word reply is all you need…FUCK YOU MR SENATOR!


…if you want the Men in Black to pay you a visit! :wink:


Between him and Gov Whitless Michigan is screwed.


Can’t believe this… I’d send him back some real statistics (even if they’re not real… it doesn’t matter because that’s what they got) about youth smoking tobacco and point out the fact that vaping if considered a tobacco product, the sale to minors is forbidden and that their education is delegated to the parents, not the government.


I know, right?