Senators Introduce Legislation To Ban Vape Flavors That Are 'Kid Friendly'

I have children. My husband and I talk about this when the subject comes up. I obviously don’t want my kids smoking at all but I would provide them with vape gear if it would keep the stinkies away.
That said, I loosely follow the smear campaign on vaping. I do agree with the packaging being changed so it doesn’t represent things the younger crowd would identify with.
I feel like the issue is politics and money. Certain parties are being financially and/ or pressured to make an issue with e cigs. And poof issue raised.


That’s the only driver here. Any politician pushing any issue in the name of protecting children or public health is being led by the almighty dollar or the almighty vote, not by some high moral code. Show me an honest politician and I’ll show you 10,000 dishonest ones. We have every right to be jaded when we read this stuff.