Senators Introduce Legislation To Ban Vape Flavors That Are 'Kid Friendly'

Senators Introduce Legislation To Ban Vape Flavors That Are ‘Kid Friendly’


They been trying that for months now :confused:


I think the focus should be more on the kid friendly packaging not the flavors. There is no definition as to what constitutes a ‘kid friendly’ flavor. Although, I have seen way too many grossly over-sweetened recipes posted on the other side here that I would absolutely consider ‘kid friendly’. :smirk:


I think its funny that alcohol had “kid friendly” flavors and new ones come out all the time, but you don’t hear about that being an issue. There is such large amounts of money to try and shut down vaping that is very sad. I agree with @TorturedZen that packaging should not look like food or appetizing to children. :frowning:


While I agree that child appealing labels should be removed, we also should fine every parent that gives vaping equipment to underage kids/teenagers, without gaining enough knowledge or reading the damn packing, or storing eliquid in places that can be accessed by their kids.

I’m tired that these people then turn around, blaming everybody else and just giving the fda even more reasoning to complain.

At the end we, the actual “real” vapers have to deal with unnecessary regulation, because Jim and Maria couldn’t be bothered to educate themselves, before buying a 40mg pod system for their daughter, Sylvia…

Or John wanting to try the whole pancake line, but couldn’t be bothered to tell his 3 year old not to grab the bottle, that was standing not in a cabinet but right on the counter, next to the barbie package.

It’s not flavorings, bottles, labels, hardware it’s parents not watching what their kids are doing. A high fine should fix that problem and takes up less time than this bs.



Granted I am not in a position right now where i have to make a choice (kids are too young) but if one of my girls started smoking I would certainly consider giving them a device because I would rather they vape than smoke. Of course I would prefer that they do neither but given a choice between to the two it would be a no brainer for me.

I can bet there will be a few people who strongly disagree with my opinion here but my thoughts are that I swapped from smokes to vape for risk/harm minimisation why would I not want to minimise the harm to my children?

This is not a choice I want to have to make and I would actively discourage both smoking and vaping but we as ex smokers all know once the desire to smoke is there it is hard to ignore.

Flame away if you feel the need but it is just my 2 cents and in no way am I saying it is ok to actively seek out sales to children.

We as a group should remember that the “save the children” chorus is just an excuse for those people to exercise their perceived power over others.


That is the only sentence this thread needs, period. Spot. On.


Man - that’s way better than where I was gonna go with it Woftam - cuts right to the chase. Phil’s right, that’s the only sentence we really need here.


And that’s a decision you can make as parent in your household. As long as it doesn’t effect me, I don’t care much about it.

It becomes a problem if then regulations are out in place, that effects others.

Not that I even believe it has anything to do with the kids, but it works great as a reason for the general public by the time of votes etc.

Point is, if flavors get banned under the excuse of kids vaping, I and many others shouldn’t be held accountable for your children.

You as a parent made that decision, reasoning doesn’t even matter, not I or others did. So why am I getting told I can’t use that flavor anymore, because you decided your kid should vape?

I don’t think anything needs a regulation but if we starting to do that, don’t start with us, look at the parents that give these children the equipment.

I understand we don’t agree here, and we don’t have too, but I say it one more time, I should not being held accountable for someone’s child, and their parenting method, sorry.


But you just said parents should be fined for sharing these terrible ‘vape’ thingys with their kids! Which is it now?!?


a few months ago I did see on the news that the FDA was cracking down on 6 E Juice makers because they made their bottles look like food. I remember one looking like reddi wipe and another looking like cheesewiz. I completely agree there should be at least a standard for everyone to use . So that that kind of thing doesn’t happen again.

There really isn’t such a thing as “kid friendly” flavors. 99pct of E juice tastes good that’s why its made. People should really look at the underlining problem not the surface problem.

Fact is people are out right lazy. They don’t like to research anything. When the mainstream media is paid to say something against vaping they will without a doubt. I just really wish Vaping and DIY vaping would be better understood instead of lumping us with Tobacco users.

This is 2 different things all together. everyone wants nicotine or just like to smoke be it trad Cigs or E cigs.

Why does everyone that doesn’t do neither one have to care about what other people do. They don’t pay my bills so they have no business in my business and they really need to stop trying to get the gov’t involved.


First of all I would prefer none of this regulation to begin with.

Due to incidents that occur throughout the vaping industry, vapers are targeted by the FDA and upcoming regulations as well as suggestions on regulations.

I’m in particular referring to situations like the Juul case, made in my first post, that due to these unknowable parents we are in this situation.

While I’m not siding with Juul, it was the responsibility of the parents to educate themselves, before giving these devices to their children, and these parents should be fined for not doing so.

Why it becomes all the sudden my responsibility? Why my right to vape what I want, is being questioned and/or removed, but nobody looking at these parents?


Who are you to judge every single parent who’s providing their teens with vape gear? Do you know every case and WHY they’re doing that?
It’s every parent’s duty to bring up their children the best way possible. Ideally that would be vape/smoke free, but you know just like anyone else that that’s not always only the parents’ choice. Even teens are human beings that make their own choices and who better than a parent to judge what under those circumstances is the best way forward.

Governments have way too much power and way too many idiotic rules. Ban the sales of vape stuff / tobacco to children but leave the rest up to the parents.

And even if Juul didn’t exist and not a single teen was vaping or smoking, you seriously think that the FDA wouldn’t go after vaping? They’d grab some other excuse to start the fight because smokers switching to vaping is costing governments around the world way too much money and leaving serious holes in their budgets.


Everything not in bold, is where you are falling victim to the concentrated efforts by both the government and big tobacco/big pharma in redirecting the public’s opinion (note: NOT those who vape, as we already KNOW the truth), as well as instilling divisive issues and confusion, as well as flat out obfuscation of the facts!

Vapers are not being targeted. THE ENTIRE INDUSTRY IS.

Why? Because vaping is the single entity that has emerged as a viable and REAL alternative to quitting tobacco.

Why do they care?
Money (first), and control (second). In America, it’s largely due to the MSA (Master Settlement Agreement) that was put in place a long time ago. And it was structured in such a way that not only the government, but the individual states benefitted from it financially. And to make matters worse, states foolishly “spent the money” (planned allocations) before it was actually in the coffers. It was after all an “iron clad guaranteed income” after all… (being court mandated, and gov’t. agreed upon/supported/subsidied).

Regardless of the history, and where we could have gone, we’re here now.

Stop falling prey to the smoke and mirrors, and “the magician’s redirection”. The bottom line isn’t about fines, the children, or any other cockamamie BULLSHIT.

It’s about money, and who controls where it goes. NOTHING MORE. if you look at the real issue, you wouldn’t be fighting about the side issues IMO. Like the record industry, it’s about watching a dying industry (tobacco), and those who live(d) by proxy on the money it generate(s/d), being pissed off about losing control of what they’ve controlled for generations.

The majority of this is not “towards you” in particular eStorm, but rather, in hopes that folks spread the truth to their friends and loved ones, in order to help clear the fog of war amongst the less uninformed, or misguided. So that they understand why there’s so much smoke and flat out lies in the media.

:hugs: and :peace_symbol:


I believe we’re overdue to revisit the following article, that’s been posted on the ELR forum a couple of times in years past.
When you get to the page, select ‘Open PDF in Browser’ at the top right.

It’s long, so most probably wont take the time to actually read it. Those that actually do read it should find it a very well done, and thorough explanation of what the hell is actually going on.

Your choice… carry on.

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How in Sam Hell a tin foil twit like Durban can make saps out of so many people is far beyond me. His remarks are the ramblings of a total idiot. How can anyone even give him audience long enough to argue what he proposes as an agenda? Seriously, “here’s your sign!”, “next contestant please!”, “back to the institute!”. Your day pass is revoked.


They don’t mean “flavors” they mean e-liquids.
I am against labeling e-liquids that may be confused for candy, food, or drinks that a child may confuse for something edible.

Come on, change your labels or don’t sell it.

I seriously think the most prominent information on some e-liquid containers should be a

moreso on flavors like this:

I don’t see any warning?

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Ya, this is messed up for sure. It’s a nicotine delivery system. Making it look like a child’s lunch juice box is wrong on so many levels. Here’s my problem with all of this, give it to the Guberment and they will F it up worse than it ever was in the beginning and once you let the flies in, they will never go away. I no of no good solution.


Funny that this issue is beginning to surpass marijuana use and legalization.
Two steps forward…one step back.


Who knows maybe the country (USA) will forget that they don’t like marijuana and just legalize it. It would even be better to do so since the US Govn’t is losing money from the MSA. Thanks to the Vape industry.