Hey everybody, I had a quick question about a recipe I made. The link to this recipe is here.

I have some concern because I have noticed that after letting the juice sit a while it seems that the flavors and PG separate from the VG.
After a good shake the liquid looks about normal again, with some oily looking bubbles.
As far as I knew all the flavors I used should be fine, and don’t have any oils. Has anybody else had this issue, or could anybody describe why this is happening?

I have stopped vaping it sense I noticed, but when I did it was quite tasty.

Also, the barbarian cream used was from Loraann.

Thanks in advance!!

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I cant help you, sorry. There is nothing in the recipe that should be separating. Most of the ingredients i have seen separate were citrus related. Barbarian cream, hehe.

Bummer! Such a good taste. I’ll be attempting this flavor again soon to see if I can figure out where I went wrong! Thanks for the reply.

Your problem is probably what you last mentioned Lorann flavor. I hear their flavors have oil in them or maybe oil based. Something to that effect. I apologize for not remembering any specifics. But what I can say is oil in the flavors was mentioned in the conversation. I doubt you need to worry about vapeing your juice just because it separated. Shake it up baby! The bubbles you can see from shaking ejuice is normal, though they probably wouldn’t look oily. Oh and buy your flavors elsewhere, not Lorann. Buy TPA, Flavor West, Flavour Arts, if you can afford it Capella.Good luck…

I use Bavarian Cream LA all the time, it does not separate. There are many LA flavorings that are used regularly, the only reason not to use them is the food coloring and not all flavorings contain it. Very very few of LA flavorings have oil in them. This is why i said i have no idea what would cause the separation as none of the flavorings are known to do so.

Its pretty odd…

How old is the VG? I wonder if it could act like that if it went dry…

Could your container have had some contamination in by accident?

The VG is only about a month old. At least that’s when I received it. I’ve made other juices with the same VG, and not had any issues.

I’m thinking that may be the case. Not sure how, but seems to be the only explanation.

According to this spreadsheet it should be safe to vape.

Does it separate after every shaking? I would try a little heat then shake. Use hot tap water, if it is in a glass bottle, then shake it. My thought it that something was introduced that shouldnt be there.

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Yeah it does separate after every shaking. I’ll try the hot water. Luckily it was a test batch anyways and I only made 15ml.

That is really odd, i use those flavorings all the time with the exception of organic SB. This could be the culprit. Ill search around and see if others have anything to say about that flavoring.

EDIT: After searching DIY sub at reddit i dont see anything. Maybe posting this question there would get some results as this forum is pretty new.

I’ll do a bit more research. Maybe try the recipe again and see if the same thing occurs.

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Ill try the recipe using the SB’s that i have TFA Ripe and CAP sweet.

Looking forward to your outcome.

On last thought it that it could be the sour. Does it look like the appx volume of liquid? .14ml isnt much tho. Can you take a pic before and after spearation?

It looks like more than .14ml for sure.

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Mixed, ill let you know tomorrow if there is any separation.

My guess is the organic strawberry is the culprit in the recipe above. I can’t answer why, but if you take out your Organic Strawberry flavoring and look at it, it looks fine… now shake it up and take a look. Mine becomes very cloudy, which to me indicates that something inside the flavoring is going on.

This is just a guess, but worth looking up, or maybe a starting point.

Also, TPA website says, This flavor has a strong tendency to separate!

If you didn’t shake this flavoring before you drawled it out with a syringe, chances are you pulled out only part of the flavoring…