Series and Parallel

What the voltage difference between 3 batteries that run in series and in parallel and the benefits of each?

Basically with series: Same capacity but 3 * voltage
Where as parallel gives you same voltage but 3 * capacity


Is either one better for <.1 ohm builds.

Check out this Rediit post.

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Yikes, Reddit is horrible on a mobile. Not sure how all y’all deal with that. First time i have ever seen their mobile site, i dont own a fone/mobile device capable of internet.

Speaking of batteries in general, I recommend skimming WikiVapia’s article here:


Great thread… Thanks @quitter1 and @KEN_O_WHERE. parallel seems the way to go.

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Just spotted this Lipo pack on Reddit, 130c rating (pulse or burst), 37v, @ 4400mah!

So that can be rigged in a box mod?

I would imagine it could be but the should part is something to ponder. hehe

It looks much better on mobile lol it new as of today and I really like it much better