Serpent 22 RTA Build Tutorial

This is a quick Tutorial To learn how to Build The Wotofo Serpent 22 RTA.



Doing a great job with your videos mate. Can I offer a couple of suggestions especially in regards to your English.

  1. Don’t call the video or videos best build. Just build. By stating best build implies there is no better way to do this and that is too subjective.
  2. The logo bottom left says “quickest tips”, you should use “quick tips”. You are using the superlative adjectives in both cases . Which indicate the very limits of what it is your describing. So when you say quickest, you are saying there are none quicker, absolutely none. I doubt this is the case, it could be true but it’s not the normal practice.

Keep going, I know English is not your 1st language. The video production is great. I like watching them, they are quick which I like.


thanks @Volition :slight_smile:

of-course i would like to hear your suggestions, and i am very happy to read them.

1- sounds right, i have removed the word best from all my video titles as you suggested.

2- The logo is for the youtube channel, and what i mean with the word “quickest” that this is the quickest way i can do it, not the quickest to anyone. :slight_smile: (It’s just a Logo name)

i am really happy with your words, and also that you said you like my videos. Please keep advising me.


I found the video to be very informative in a quick amount of time. You can learn a lot more in under 4 minutes than you can with those videos that are 30 minutes plus and is mostly talk.

I could care less about the minor details of spelling, grammar and what language it’s in. Do your thing. Haters gonna hate.


thanks @TheTinMan1 for ur comment :slight_smile: yeah that was my point of view. Many videos are more than 20 mins, which actually in my point of view are waste of time.
thanks bro :slight_smile:

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awesome video mate :smile:

Only thing I would change is to edit the title of the video to include manufacture so its easier to find

TIP#05 Wotofo Serpent 22 Build Tutorial :thumbsup:


thanks @anon88729607 :slight_smile: i renamed it :slight_smile:


Yeah I knew exactly what you meant but the English is incorrect. So I was helping you out. Take it as you wish, bud. I don’t care. But I know others will.

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anyway thanks for your effort :slight_smile: