Serpent BF RDA - Does this come in man size?

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First impressions:

Ok lets get one thing out of the way first 22mm rda are not really my thing I much prefer something a little bigger (resisting a ‘That’s what she said’ is quite hard but I think I managed it, dammit no I didn’t). Serpent to me conjures up images of a huge snake of unholy proportions (turns out it actually refers to any snake so something new learned today). This is by far the smallest rda I have in both girth and height (22mm w x 30mm h) - I will try not to let that alone be the defining focus of this review.

Package Contents:

The Serpent comes in a standard box with 3 mystery bags, with a 510 drip tip attached (with an adapter) and a ultem wide bore drip tip.

Serpent BF RDA
Extra grub screws & O rings
3 Coils
Filler plug (to fill the spare well if you want to use a single coil).
Tri Tool - good and long.
User Manual
Japanese Cotton.
Tshirt give away card

Thoughts & Observations:

The build quality is good no sharp edges or crunchy threads however the inside of the deck mainly the base of the juice wells looks rough not a huge big deal just aesthetically displeasing, no funny smells but as with all new gear a cycle in the usc is a must. After a quick dissemble & clean it is time to have a play.

The coils that come with it ohm out @ .6ohm 3mm id (so .3 with 2 fitted) this doesn’t work for me due to the fact I am testing on a coppervape BF (single 18650 mech mod) and I hate waiting for coils to ramp.

Enter a couple of half staggered fused claptons ohming out at .1 2.5mm i.d. (Don’t try this at home unless you are using batteries you know will handle the draw and you are familiar with ohms law). I dry fired on my tester all good attached to the coppervape and nothing happened after a little futzing around we have ignition yay.

Squonk a bit of juice up make sure all is good - no leaks yay number 2. Be aware that a super soaked cotton (or in my case rayon) will give you a red hot shot of lava right to the tongue this RDA is so short a little too much juice will make for a less than pleasant experience.

The deck is pretty nice the juice wells are fairly deep and the squonk pin is quite high allowing it to hold a fair amount of juice. Considering it diminutive size it was relatively easy to build on (well it was made a lot easier when I used my magnifying visor due to the fact my eyes are not quite what they used to be).

How does it vape?

The flavour is great mainly due to the proximity of the drip tip to the coils.
My pet hate is whistling RDA’s and while this one is only a little whistly it still whistled - I adjusted the coil height a little to try to get it to a minimum but it really had little effect. I am sure that playing with it a little more I can get it to stfu.

Pros & Cons:

On the plus side

  • Good flavour.
  • Deep juice wells.
  • Goon size drip tip.
  • 510 adapter.
  • Easy to build despite the deck size.
  • No leaking.
  • Single or dual coil capable.

On the down side.

  • Maybe the inclusion of a non bottom feed pin would be a good idea.
  • Hard to take the top cap off.
  • Drip tip is a little short for me probably due to the low build I put in.
  • Over saturated coils will give lava mouth (now this is the same for a lot of toppers but as this one is so short I think the effect is multiplied).

Would I buy it?
Well initially probably not due to the 22mm size, however, after vaping on it I think discounting it due to its size would be a mistake the flavour is great and the quality of the build is good. I think that this is quite a good little unit. So if you squonk put it on your list for a look - it may just surprise you.

Size comparison

Just for information only here is a pecker measuring contest between the goon and the Serpent BF.

You can grab it here Serpent BF RDA for USD 29.99
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Thanks for the review, @woftam! Its a cute little thing isn’t it!

Totally. I wish more manufacturers would throw in both kinds of pins. Sometimes you feel like a squonk, sometimes you don’t!


Did someone say girth? I am right here bro! The GirthMan. :laughing:

Great write up. Sometimes good things DO come in small packages.


Very nice @woftam! It’s not the size of the ship it’s the motion of the ocean! I’m not sure about this one As the missing stadard pin kinda kills it for me.


Excellent write up brother 🖒 thanks for that.
However…Streampugs is my ‘other’ site where I get my kit off for a dollar a minute…thanks to Tinman I’ve made $23 so far…the mans relentless…
Steampugs however…is for reviews, and I’ll stick this one up later… (that’s what she said)


Bahaha! We need our emoji thingys back some kind of bad.


Nice review brother, i deffo enjoyed it :+1:


short , sweet and to the point well done my man


Great review petal! It’s a teeny little thing ain’t it (the RDA for those with gutter brains :laughing:)


@VapeyMama could not agree more both pins would have certainly made this more popular.

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Lmao i knew you would find that.


Yup as i suspect it would for a lot of people.

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Cheers @Norseman

Thanks mate

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It is tiny which works both for and against it.

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Lmao cheers mate at least the url was right

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