Settings of site

Can someone tell me why I’m notified when I post a mew message. I did not used to, but then I changed something in my settings. Thanks. Keydard still mot workimg right sorry.

Look below post at box below topic control
Normal or change to what u like tracking or to your liking on topic
It explains them for you

i’m lost. Do not understand your instr.

Look down at the bottom left corner of this page
Click on tracking or normal watching or muted
Right below reply to left or directly below topic controls

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There’s a section in the preferences that relates to email. It’s about halfway down the page if you click on your icon, then click the little cog icon for preferences. I’m not sure what you have it set to, but this is what I have:

I only get emails when I don’t visit the site or when someone mentions my name, quotes me, or replies to a topic I started. You could uncheck all of those boxes if you didn’t want to get any email.