SG for 100% VG base HELP

Hey crew-

So I’m going to take a stab in the dark here because I am getting ZERO replies from nude nicotine for over a week now…

My amazing wife surprised me with a gigantor bottle of Nude Nicotine’s 100% VG 6mg Nicotine base (she didn’t really know what she was buying and knew I make my bases the same way)

Anyhow I am a by weight mixer and I have all my systems in place for what I have been doing for a while now and I have my SG (specific gravity) set at 1.26 and now I have a new product from a different company and if it is truly 100%VG their SG should be the same…I believe

So my question to you is, does anyone happen to know the SG of their 100% VG bases by chance? I’m 99.99% sure it is 1.26 but it’s that .01% chance that I am wrong and that would wreak havoc on all my recipes and any new ones moving forward.

I am at the end of my normal nic/VG and about to start using their bases and unfortunately their…customer service?..has not replied to anything in over 2 weeks :frowning:

So if there is anyone that use their bases and happen to know this OR happen to have a MSDS on this specific base please let me know!!

Cheers everyone

It’s ever so slightly less than 1.26 - so little that it shouldn’t really matter.

Nicotine weighs 1.01 g/ml. VG is 1.26 g/ml.

6mg nicotine would then weigh: (1 * 0.006) * 1.01 = 0.00606 g
VG portion would weigh: (1 * 0.994) * 1.26 = 1.25244 g
The weight per ml of your base would then be: 0.00606 + 1.25244 = 1.2585 g/ml or roughly 1.26 :wink:

Note that this is if they added 100% pure nicotine to the VG.

Yeah I guess that’s my main question, is if they really use 100% nic AND 100% VG. I’ve never bought anything from them and although I have heard nothing but great things and mention of 100% pure nicotine… I wanted to hear it from the horse’s mouth OR someone whom is familiar with Nude.

I’m just going to continue @ 1.26 based on the fact they are a reputable company unless anyone knows different…

Thanks again @daath!


Thank you, unfortunately that is for their VG and not their nicotine vg base. Im still just going with my gut here and keeping it at 1.26