Shake and Vape Mix Recipe's needed

I’m in need of a hand for a mate of mine who is in lockdown due to COVID and stuck on his farm in the NSW outback Australia.
He is nearly out of his juices and has no nic left at all and has asked me to help him out and send some juice to him.
What I need is a couple of quick shake and Vape recipes, so I can make up that are quality. As I am only new to the DIY side, I want to make sure I send him some good juices.
The post will take just over a week to get to him from Sydney, so there is some steeping time there.
I hope someone can help me out.


There are countless options for what could be ready after a one week steep.

The most important thing is, ‘What does he like?’


@SquirrelSmash thanks for the quick reply and to answer your question, my ol mate likes the sweeter kinds of juice. Bubblegum and lolly kind of flavours. So any help would be awesome mate.


I assume that recipes should be limited by what’s in your stash. It’s a little muddled and mislabelled in parts.


Did you check previous SnV threads? There are too many. You will find much more answers there than here (and more quickly), get more ideas and help, plus you can ask SnV ninjas directly there based on their comments.


Yes, this will be the quickest way. here are some links to get you started. Keep in mind Flavorah fruits are usually less than a week to steep.

This looks like a good thread. It’s old but that shouldn’t matter because the concentrates are the same.


That’s an understatement!

@wemix2gether Not to veer off-topic but many of the names in your Flavor Stash are incorrect and need to be fixed sooner than later. There’s this one guy on the recipe side with serious OCD who will hound you for eternity if they’re not corrected!


A British understatement.

I could say that the stash was ‘a bit sticky’, if I was being harsh.


Try this variation of Mother of Dragons‘ Milk:

2% TPA Bavarian Cream
7 % TPA Dragonfruit
2 % TPA Swirl
2 % CAP Strawberry Sweet

This should be a good first aid strawberry and creams.


@TorturedZen hahahaha thanks for the heads up on getting this stash of mine in order before I get bombarded by ol mate.:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


@Dan_the_Man you are the man brother…Thanks heaps for the help.


You are welcome I was gonna give you some recipes that would work but unfortunately, you don’t have the concentrates.

I have an idea to get your friend some quality liquid.
Here is a link to an absolutely wonderful little DIY shot company. Every recipe is made by members of the community and I dare say you have heard of some of them.

Even better I’ll leave a link to an Aussie that is a very good mixer. He makes stuff that everyone likes as opposed to me that makes stuff I like.
this recipe “De Mango Unchained” is off the hook man. I like vaping it in the morning and it’s like I’m having mangos for breakfast.

Maybe I can throw in a couple of bucks for your friend’s needs.

Oh ya, each bottle makes like 150 - 200 ml.