Shake and Vape recipe

Hello everybody,

I’m new here, new DYI mixer, or at least trying to be haha. I made my first liquid - Unicorn Mothers Milk, but as far as I see, It needs long time to be steep.

Can somebody tell me if it’s possible with the following flavors, if I can make any Shake and Vape liquid ? Or with a steep time of 1-2 days ? And If not, what other flavors should I buy for that ?

Bavarian Cream TFA
Cheesecake Graham Crust TFA
Ripe Strawberry TFA
Vanilla Custard TFA
Sweet Cream TFA

I just made the Unicorn Mothers Milk today, and I tried it and atm I don’t really feel any flavor tbh. People told me that it really needs long time, like 3-4 weeks or so ?
So, can I make any Shake & Vape from what I have ?xD

Thank you and hope you enjoy your evening!


Welcome to elr @rhastafella. This question has been asked by many, including myself. Pretty much all Custards have a long steep time when using them. If you want a shake and vape, try a fruit only mix- and go from there.

Folks here have 10000x more knowledge than me, so stand by- and prepare to be perplexed!! :metal::metal::metal:


I mean, for something to toot on, about the only two I’d add would be Bavarian and Ripe, but Ripe TPA isn’t a very strong Strawberry, so if you want more of a punch flavour, I’d dial in your Bav at a small amount, we use percentages here and to familiarize yourself with default values… Enter it into the Calculator and start low… For that in specific, I’d go 1% and, I can’t quite remember Ripe as I’ve stopped using that for better Strawberries years ago, but I think 5% would be good for a stronger taste. As it’s going to be a SnV (Shake and Vape) you shouldn’t notice it fading too much, but something to mention is creams are relatively heavy flavours, or dense, so they hide lighter flavours with top notes. Play around, get familiar, write your own notes or keep mental track, some other mixer on here will pipe up and say that you have to do it a specific way. But be Wary, some info is more or less people regurgitating how others tell them to mix. Your tastes matter to you, mix how you like and don’t get discouraged…

The ones who can’t do, teach…

Anyways, as you use these you’ll learn how the Cream plays with the strawberry, and all the details that go into that, “Do you like it more creamy, do you like it more strawberry forward?” Also, you’ll find a lot of something being the opposite of what you want to achieve, lots of determining factors here as it’s all some sort of science experiment you inhale and in the end subjective. But there are some rules and each flavour has it’s own limits as to how high you can push them before your olfactory takes control and mutes everything. Keep at it, trial and error with some learning along the way and you keep building your tastes from there.

That one in particular (Strawberry Ripe TPA) is fairly delicate and fades, so while it may be a high rated recipe there’s more to it than that. Often you’ll find that adding 1 high percentage (but at the same time, as said some flavours have limits) or a couple layered to be the better outcome for a full flavoured juice. It’s expensive to start, but it’s doable and I will stress everything is subjective. Don’t listen to the people that say “Don’t use Sweeteners” if that’s what you like and I’d suggest Super Sweet by Capella if you have some notes you want to brighten up, like fruits, also adds a bit of wetness I find. Again subjective though… Another good one is FW Sweetener, it’s just pure sucralose diluted at 20%… You can mix a .25 - .50 for bakeries and what not, start low with sweeteners and work your way up.

Pretty long winded post for someone who said, “People who can’t do, Teach” eh?


Both the Cheesecake Graham and Vanilla Custard TPA are great, a bit dated but those will suffice, the key here is learning to mix and follow a recipe I’d guess. Which is good practice even if it seems easy.

There’s a few guides on flavours to pick up, also some good recipes out there too, but the reality is it’s going to be trial and error. So don’t go out and buy 500mls of something because you want a lot, you’ll develop a sense for what’s good but it’ll take some time and money.


I have learned actually by @TorturedZen there’s really no such thing as a shake n vape. It might taste good but even fruit needs 24hrs to reach.


Welcome to ELR @rhastafella. Like @D.Sims said, “Shake and Vape” is a HOT topic LOL. Some people believe in it, others do not.

Custards, and Tobaccos can take the longest to fully mature, sometimes a month or longer.
Bakeries, Deserts, maybe in 2 weeks.
Fruits CAN be S&V, but many will STILL benefit from some days of sleeping to round out the rough edges.


Welcome @rhastafella-
In terms of e-liquid mixing/steeping methods there are basically three camps.
Camp #1 seems to have this innate desire to have something “now”! Not tomorrow, not next week. They lack the capacity to accept or tolerate any delays or wait times. This camp will most often complain when their freshly shaken recipe tastes nowhere close to what they envisioned it to be. Many in this camp evolve into Camp #2.
Camp #2 are the mixers who understand the need to steep their recipes but still haven’t managed to embrace the natural processes. Some of these campers will turn full-on MacGyver in their attempts to shorten the steeping process (I was guilty of this early on). Microwaves, radiators, washing machine spin-cycles, un-capped at high noon in the desert sun etc. It should be mentioned that 1 proven method that will work is the use of an emulsifier.
Camp #3 are the mixers who understand the aging process and could be poster children for patience and planning. They are the ones who can sit back and enjoy a smooth flavorful vape while watching and either giggle or just shake their heads at the other two camps. :sunglasses:
If you ever see the term “shake and vape approved”…question it!
Chances are the person saying that hasn’t been mixing long enough to understand the differences and the process.


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Welcome @rhastafella ! How’s DIY treating you now?